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Who am I ?

Hi guys! Ruperto Mendoza here, a professional I.T. developer, entrepreneur, stock investor, internet marketer, ex-OFW, and blogger. My ancestry came all the way from Batangas, but I grew up in Manila, Philippines. What I’m passionate about is to help people improve all areas of their lives by sharing what I know and those things I already tried for myself in the areas of self-improvement, finances, internet marketing, and making money online. In other words, this website is NOT about me, it’s about YOU and how I can help you succeed in life. But if you want to know more about me, you can continue reading on.

  • I'm an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion to help people succeed

  • I'm a family-oriented person. Simply put, they are my 'whys' in life.

  • I'm a practicing Catholic and I love the Lord because I feel His Love throughout my life.

Profile Picture

Ruperto Mendoza

I.T. Developer, Entrepreneur, Internet Market, Stock Investor and Blogger

My Beginnings

Although I graduated with a business degree, I worked as an I.T. developer all my life. I have been employed by several financial institutions and medical clinic here in abroad. Yes, I was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) before. I worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Singapore before settling here in the Philippines for good. As an OFW, I can relate to how hard it is to leave loved ones to seek for a greener pasture abroad.

It was in year 2004 after working in Saudi Arabia that I discovered how to earn online by accident. I received a spam email inviting me to join an affiliate program. Luckily for me I got some success in the program but only by following a wrong way of promoting. Well I didn’t know by then how to do it correctly.

OFW Again

After working for several years with a  leading insurance company as an I.T. developer, I received another job offer from a company in Singapore. I could not resist the lure again of a greener pasture, 3x my salary then. So I was back again working abroad. It was just on a per project basis so I was there only for a short time. I experienced once again the good, the bad, and the ugly of being an OFW. Those OFWs reading this can surely relate.

Home Again (For Good)

After my short stint in Singapore, I decided to settle in the Philippines for good. I have been employed by a leading financial institution, of course as an I.T. developer. It was at this time that I got married and had a wonderful family. I’ve got a lovely wife and 3 wonderful kids.

Having a family triggers in me the “why’s” in my life. I have to provide a bright future for my family, so I decided to learn how to earn an extra income.

The Gems Of Earning Passively

The real turning point was when I learned stock investing. I read a wonderful book and joined a club that taught and guided me how to win slowly but surely. After several years, I hit my first seven-figure income. Yes, my friend, you read it correctly. I’m sharing it, not to brag but to inspire you. It was really very easy to invest. And I will teach you how in this blog.

I also established my own brick-and-mortar business, an 8-in-1 Payment Center. As of this writing, it’s still a work-in-progress, and I’m learning a lot on how to manage a business and make it grow. I’ll be sharing with you my successes and trials so you can profit from them.

It was in year 2014 that I got my feet again in online marketing. I joined an online program by a Filipino that I have been hearing already. By November 2015, I became one of the top affiliates of that program. But it was in 2016 that I also came across a sure and effective way to earn online INTERNATIONALLY. I discovered how the big guns of internet marketing gurus of internet marketing are doing it. No hypes, no BS, just an ethical, sure and effective way to earn online. Do check out my #1 Recommended Program and see it for yourself.

Okay, now let me share with you who I was before and my short family background.

I came from a small middle-class Filipino family. We were only four (I, my brother, and my parents, opps, make it 5 if we include my grandfather – typical Filipino family setup). We were not literally poor but we were not rich either. Well, we could still eat 3 times a day 🙂 My father was just a security guard, while my mother was a housewife but miracle of miracle, my parents were able to raise us up to finish college education. The secret: my mother were very thrifty and has a solid skill in managing the finances well. It was from her that I learnt how to value money and not to be extravagant in life. She understood very well to distinguish needs and wants of life.

I graduated from a government public school (Rafael Palma Elementary School) but came high school, my parents really made it a point that I study in a good private Catholic school (Colegio De San Juan De Letran). Yes it was very hard those days then for our parents to sent us to school but they really want us to have a good education with a solid Christian values.

My parents wanted me to stay in Letran to spent my college days but I could see that they would find it hard financially. So I transferred to Adamson University instead. I pursued a Commerce degree. In my 2nd year of college, I found what I wanted:  a Computer Science degree. But my parents did not permit me to change course. I then negotiated that I will continue my Commerce degree, but I asked that I also study a short course in Computer Programming. So side by side, I pursued two lines of studies.

After graduating from college, my first job was an auditor in a pre-need plan company. I stayed in my function as an auditor for just a year and after that, the company had an opening in I.T. department so I immediately applied. The rest is history as I worked in my passion as an I.T. developer up to this day.

I can see myself as a successful entrepreneur, an owner of several medium to big sized companies, both online and traditional business. I hold a sizable wealth portfolio in my stock account. As the purpose of wealth is to love and serve others, I am a philanthropist through my own foundation, Ruperto Mendoza Foundation. I inspire others to be truly rich too for the betterment of mankind.

Long Term and Permanent Goals

I made this blog for you. Yes, for you, reading this. Why? Because I want to share what works for me as I build success in life. No man is an island so I want you to be successful too. Your success is my success too. I will share also with you the pitfalls of success so you can learn and avoid them.

Short Term and Quick Goals

  1. To guide you how to build your own website how to build your own website
  2. To help you gain traffic to your website
  3. To monetize your website so you can earn a passive income
  4. To help you establish what business to put in your website
  5. To share with tools and resources you can use right away for online success
  6. To emphasize to you the importance of insurance
  7. To teach you several wealth strategies
  8. To guide you how to control your finances and avoid debt
  9. To guide you how to invest safely in stock market
  10. To provide you a blueprint so you can fire your boss or if you are an OFW, so you can come home as soon as possible because you already have a full time income
  11. To help you analyze what are scam or rift off programs, opportunities, tools, and resources so you can avoid costly mistakes
  12. To share with you those businesses or programs that you can start right away for some extra big income