My friend in front of me was fidgeting. So I knew something was bothering him. We were having coffee in a little resto in Makati, and after greeting each other, he dove into the reason why he asked for a chat.

“Bo, I’m scared. I’m scared for the Philippines. And yes, I’m scared for our stock market. I just joined TRC early this year. Tell me, will the stock market go lower? Honestly, I just wish President Duterte stops talking. Every time he talks, the market goes lower!”

I laughed. “Let me clear the air. It’s more complicated than that. What you’re seeing in the Philippine Stock Market today is also a global phenomenon. Other countries’ stock markets are going down too. And we went down more compared to the other countries because the Philippines was more expensive—so naturally, we were sold by the foreign funds more than others. But yes, possibly a few foreign funds are pulling out because of perceived increase of political risk…”

My friend looked at me intently and asked, “Bo, I’m curious. Why don’t you look worried? Aren’t you scared at what will happen to the country? And don’t tell me, ‘I trust God, blah, blah,’ because I trust God too. But for one moment, forget that you’re a preacher and talk to me like you’re an ordinary guy.”

“Personally, I still believe the country will have great economic growth in the next 10 years. But the journey will be rough. And I’m not scared of rough waters. Here’s a little history lesson. In 1986, the Philippines suffered six coup d’etat. Six! It was absolute chaos. But at the worst possible time in the country, some wise investors—like my mentor—earned the most amount of money in the stock market.”

“ Wow.”

“So I’m not afraid of crisis. Yesterday, my conspiracy- obsessed friend told me that after the US elections is over and they have a new President, the CIA will do something about President Duterte…”

“Oh my gosh. What if that happens?”

“First of all, my friend believes in everything. He believed that Michael Jackson was an alien. And he believes Elvis Presley is still alive. He even showed me YouTube videos to prove it. But no matter what happens, the 10-year and 20-year progress of the Philippines is intact.”

“But even if these conspiracy theories won’t come true, do you think the market will go lower?”

“Yes, we believe it will still go lower. That’s why last August, we asked members to raise cash. We instructed our members to top slice—to sell 20 percent of their winners. And one week later, we instructed everyone to sell 40 percent.”

He nodded, “Yes, I remember you emailing us about that. And I sold some. Bo, I have one last question and I’ll shut up. If your prediction is that the market will go lower, shouldn’t we just wait for those lower prices before we start buying again?”

“Nope. We buy every month, remember?”

“Oh, right.”

“Stick to our system. Traders like guessing the bottom. We can’t. And we don’t. We just buy every month. You’ll be okay.”

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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