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If you are going to interview a typical Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), I’m sure you’ll find out that 99.99% of them do not want to work abroad and leave their family behind if the salary is good in the Philippines. It’s just the lure of the greener pasture for OFWs that drives them to work abroad.

While abroad, OFWs provide financial comfort for their families and because of their remittances, they help a lot our economy. That’s why the government hails them as modern day hero.

But the hard reality is, OFWs is as good only as their contract. Sooner or later they have to leave abroad and return to the Philippines. It’s therefore advisable that while abroad, OFWs should not only save their hard-earned money but grow them as well. Investment in a good business is the key to wealth and prosperity.

In this article, let me share with you several business ideas or models that an OFWs can do while abroad. After all, they do have a lot of spare time there. It will just take some education about the business, planning about it, and commitment to work it out. These are all simple business models that OFWs can do even while working abroad.


Among the business models I listed here, this is the simplest to do. Why? Because your online business will be based on your interests, passions, or hobbies you know by heart.

It’s not a done-to-you system because you will be the one to create the business, one step at a time.

Using this model, your online business has a much greater chance to succeed because it will come from what you love most. Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life. Why? Because it’s more fun.

How about the products or services?

They can be either your own or that of others. Yes, you can promote other people’s products or services and earn big from that. You just receive a nice commission from the sales. How good is that?

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With your own online business, the world is at your hand. Your online business is open 24/7. You earn even while you sleep, taking a vacation, or even while you are working abroad. Isn’t that great?


I can almost hear your scream, “What? Are kidding? Stock Market? I do not even understand what it is. It speaks an alien language as far as I’m concerned”.

Calm down my friend. Stock market or stock investing in the Philippine Stock Market is very easy. Trust me. Even an ordinary person can do that. And contrary to popular misconception, you don’t have to have a lot of money to start with that.

Do you know that even as little as P5000 you can already investing? You are an OFW so I know you can start more than that.

Do you also know that you can invest, even if you are there working abroad? It’s done online so you can access every buy and sell transactions anytime, anywhere.

But first, what is a stock?

Stock is a share of ownership of a company. A company needs capital to grow or expand their business.

To raise additional capital, a company usually issues to the public a shares of stock.

If you buy shares of stock of a company, literally you are part owner of that company. When the company grows or make profit, you earn too.

For example, if you buy a share of stocks of Jollibee Food Corporation, every profit from the sales of its hamburger or spaghetti, you earn too.

The value of your stock of grows as the company grows, and the company can even declare a dividend and share a portion of the profit with you! Great isn’t it?

The companies you will be buying stock from are already those well established and giant companies. They are already earning big time. Why not be with them when they earn more and more?

My personal experience with the stock market is that by following a good investment strategy, you really can earn your first million in a couple of years.

I’m telling you this, not to brag. I just like to invite you to take a closer look so it can help you grow your wealth too.

I did it and I see no reason why you can’t too.

Don’t worry, as I said it’s very easy and profitable in the long run.

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There are many business models you can select to have a business franchise. But I recommend that you select one in which you can manage even while you are abroad.

Yes, technology is such as no matter where you are, you can oversee the operation of your business anywhere.

Introducing the ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity.

As far as I know, this is the most affordable among the many Payment services in the Philippines. Not only that, the company is a multi awarded franchise payment company.

By getting a franchise, you’ll get to offer to your customers an 8-in-1 revenue streams, thus maximizing your profit:

  • Domestic and International Remittances
  • Bills Payment
  • Prepaid Loads
  • Travel and Tours Ticketing
  • Courier Service
  • XP Marketplace Online Distribution
  • Personal Loans
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Postpaid Subscriptions: PLDT Home, Globe, etc.

Did you see the potential my friend?

Once you signed up as a franchisee, you and your staff will attend an intensive training on how to operate the system.

You will also be given a lot marketing materials and portfolio for your business, plus a full customer support and service.

When I saw this business model, my wife and I immediately signed for their FREE Business Opportunity Presentation. We like it so much that we put our own ExpressPay Center in Taytay, Rizal.

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Compared to working in the Philippines, OFWs earn a relatively high income. There’s this ‘extra’ that they can use to invest in an asset that will grow in value over time.

Real Estate business is a good choice provided one will learn the ins and outs of the business. To build a profitable business, one has to study first everything.

Real Estate business is no exception and probably more time should be devoted to it as it involves a lot of investment as compare to the other three above.

I highly suggest that you choose a company whose vision is just not to build here and there as if there’s no tomorrow, but choose one that really has the investor’s interest in mind.

For example, what are the future development in that area? Will the property grow in value over time because of the development?

What’s the track record of the company you are going to be part of? Do they have the integrity? Do they have several awards that show that they are excellent in providing service to their investors and customers.

The population of our country is growing. With the growth comes the demand for houses, condo units, etc. where people has to live.

Take this as a cue and you will know that one can really hit it big in being in a real estate business provided one has the know-how.



The 4 recommended businesses I give here can make one wealthy over time. But one must study first before engaging in any of the above.

Then comes the dedication and commitment to make the business work. Rome was not built in a day as they say.

The idea here is for you, my OFW friend, to have a workable plan, a business models that you can start right now while you are earning abroad.

The end goal would be is for you to come home where you enjoy having a full income business in the company of your loved ones.

There’s no place like home.

If you have some questions or concerns about this post, drop me a comment a below. I’ll be happy to answer you.

Your friend,


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  1. marissa

    Great post. I am an OFW and planning to retire soon. Might consider some of your recommendations. I am interested also with PAYMENT CENTER FRANCHISE. I will check this out and revert to you soon.

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  2. Ana

    Truly amazing ideas! That’s all in my bucket list of business ideas as an OFW. Thank you for the confirmation sir! Continue to be a blessing to others?


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