Profit Canvas Review

Tonight, I’m going to review Profit Canvas, a software and training program.

Name: Profit Canvas
Price: $67 per month, $497 one-time lifetime access, $297 per year
Owners: Mike From Maine, Brett Rutecky, Josh Katherman
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Profit Canvas Review

Making money online is the goal of all internet marketers. But without the right software tools and training, you will find it hard to do so. Profit Canvas comes to the rescue. This is a marketing platform which gives you both the software tools and training to succeed online. The people behind Profit Canvas are all respected internet marketers who are making a five-figure income. In other words, they walk the talk.

So what is Profit Canvas?

Basically inside Profit Canvas, you will have a:

  • A Page Builder
  • A Comprehensive Video Training On How To Make Money Online
  • A Software Tools That You Can Sell Or Use A Lead Magnet

Profit Canvas Page Builder

A page builder is basically a way to create sales pages, bonus pages, webinar replay pages, affiliate promo pages, squeeze pages, and download pages yourself. Without it, you will have to do the coding yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you, usually a web designer. You will find that hiring a professional web designer will cost you a lot money.

What’s so special about Profit Canvas when there are other page builder tools out there?

With Profit Canvas anyone can create POWERFUL marketing videos right inside the software with call to actions, buy now buttons, and optin forms to build their email lists.

Not only that. Profit Canvas has a built in webinar system and complete with a chat system inside. You can google how much is to host those webinar services and you will smile with having Profit Canvas as your tool.

Comprehensive Video Training On How To Make Money Online

Inside Profit Canvas, you will find a “Vault” containing powerful Video Training.

  • General Training
    • Building a List Machine
    • How To Build A Squeeze Pages That Actually Convert
    • Bonus Page Example
    • Webinar Basics
    • List Building With Facebook
    • Why Use Bonus Pages
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing Intro
    • Domain Name
    • Making Our Website
    • Themes and Plugins
    • Finding Products To Promote
    • Writing Product Reviews
  • Ranking Training
    • Introduction / Common Myths
    • Picking Keywords
    • Correct Content
    • Using Social Media
    • Googles Dark Secret
    • Wrap Up / Key Points
  • Product Creation
    • Why Launch Products
    • How To Get Products Ideas
    • Setting Your Price
    • Hiring A Freelancer
    • Getting Products For FREE
    • Why Upsells?
    • How To Attract Affiliates
    • Doing WSO’s
    • The Sales Page
    • Final Thoughts

Aside from the above video training, Mike From Maine also added his own Affiliate Income Secrets video training. Let me tell you that his training starts how Maine built his own affiliate business and how he is making a six figure income out it.

The guys behind Profit Canvas really over delivers on giving one of the most comprehensive training there is.

Software Tools That You Can Sell Or Use A Lead Magnet

  • Click Bar

Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with click able button and countdown timer on any of your posts. It comes in two versions. The standard version and the gold version. The standard version is ideal for a lead magnet and the gold version is ideal as a upsell on the free version.

  • FB Pixel

This plugin allows people to quickly and easily add their Facebook retargeting pixel to every page / post in their WordPress site.

  • Jack Jacker Gold

This plugin allows you to ‘jack’ almost any website and put click able links and banners over it. What makes this plugin unique is that it does not use IFRAMES like other lower quality ones have done.

  • Support Chat

Lets you quickly put an ineractive live chat box on any WordPress site.

Within the video training, you will be taught how to use any or all of these 4 software to your advantage. They have reseller, give away rights, and white label rights.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Easy To Use Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Comprehensive Video Training
  • Useful Software Tools That Can Be Sold Or Used A Lead Magnet
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  • No Community To Chat With To Get Instant Support
  • The Page Builder Is Not Both Mobile Responsive and Desktop Responsive. You have to choose either of the two when you are building your page.

Who is Profit Canvas For?

Basically it’s for anyone who wants to earn money online.


At any point within the Profit Canvas, their is “Ask A Question” button that you can click to file a support ticket. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an answer to any issues or problems you may have.

Profit Canvas Price

$67 per month, $497 one-time lifetime access, $297 per year. There is no upsell with this product.

My Final Opinion of Profit Canvas

With Profit Canvas, you have an arsenal of marketing platforms you can use right away to build an online business. You won’t make any mistake in getting this product yourself.

Profit Canvas at a Glance…

Name: Profit Canvas
Price: $67 per month, $497 one-time lifetime access, $297 per year
Owners: Mike From Maine, Brett Rutecky, Josh Katherman
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


My #1 Recommended Training Program

Although Profit Canvas is in itself a good software and training program, still my #1 Recommended Training Program is Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s not only a video training that you will get but a lot more. It’s as if you will have your personal mentor or coach guiding you toward being a success online. Click here to read my Wealth Affiliate Review.

ClickIntensity Review

Tonight, I’m going to review ClickIntensity program.

Name: ClickIntensity
Price: Free To Sign up,
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100

ClickIntensity – Overview

Is ClickIntensity a scam? Or is it a legitimate business? In this ClickIntensity Review, I will answer that and guide you to make a wise decision about this very popular program. Ok, what is ClickIntensity?

ClickIntensity is a revenue share (Revshare) program. Basically it sells ad packs starting as low as $25 and promises to give you a return of $30. They can do this as they claim by sharing to you the profit generated by their ad packs.

The premise of the ClickIntensity is that everybody needs some form of advertising for their products and services. Advertisement leads to traffic to one’s website.

Unlike other revshare programs, ClickIntensity is a combination of Revshare, MLM or networking, PTC, and affiliate program.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • $25 worth of ad packs will turn $30 eventually as they claim.
  • There are some very basic training inside on how to market online
  • You earn 10% from the ads packs purchased by your personally sponsored members.
  • Your earn from your team down to the 7th level.
  • You earn also from the back end sales for the purchases of advertising product in the form of gold coins. This can be exchange for cash.

The Bad:

  • Nobody can tell, even the owners, as to when you get paid for that $30 return. I’ll explain why later.
  • The basic training guide is very poorly made. No editing to eliminate any background noise has been done. Add to the fact that you get only so little value from the so-called training inside. Why? What you will learn is plain common sense.

The bottom line of what ClickIntensity is, is that it’s a plain pyramid or ponzi scheme. Actually the old members are being paid from the money invested in by the new members. That’s why, even the owners cannot guarantee to you as to when you will get your $30 from your investment of $25. Why? Because nobody knows if the new members coming in will be enough for the company to pay the old members, and worse as to when that will happen.

How about the ad packs being bought by the members? Are they worth it?

Short answer, it’s pretty useless. Why?

Because the audience is not targeted enough for what you are advertising to them. Everybody clicks on the ads by other members but they are not interested on what they are clicking or what is being displayed to them.

All they want is to click so as to gain credits or finish the task assign to them by ClickIntensity.

To top it all, every member is interested in his/her website or whatever he/she is promoting. Plain and simple. That’s why, when they click on the ads by other ClickIntensity members, what appears to them is pretty useless as far as they are concern.

More Warning Red Flags

Nick Johnson’s Facebook profile seems to be pretty new when ClickIntensity was launched. His profile image was obviously just a photoshopped work and cropped very poorly. Wow, isn’t he one of the co-owners of ClickIntensity?

So in all probability, this Nick Johnson may not exist at all and most probably just a fake person.

Let’s see the composition of the Facebook group of ClickIntensity during its pre-launch.

Surprise, suprise. 31.5% were coming from India. I don’t know about you but this raises a red flag. Need I say more?

My Final Opinion of ClickIntensity

If you want quality and highly targeted traffic to your website, ClickIntensity is not the answer. You must look elsewhere instead of buying so-called ad packs from this company.

Morever, if you want to earn a regular and consistent income, avoid at all cost this ClickIntensity. Click Intensity is just a ponzi or pyramid scheme that is bound to collapse sooner or later.

ClickIntensity at a Glance…

Name: ClickIntensity
Price: Starting at $25
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100


My Recommendation and Alternative

Building a solid online business requires time and effort. But anyone can do it. Why? Because everyone of us is already an expert in something.

We have our own hobbies, interests, or passions which we can monetize and build an online business around it.

Does it sound exciting? You bet it is.

Check out my #1 Highly Recommended Training Program and sign up right away! It’s FREE anyway. Click here to know more about it!

The month of December. What a sweet month for all salaried personnel, employees, workers, and professionals.

It’s the time of the year when people receive all the perks and bonuses from the company they are working for. They work hard all year long and now is the time that they receive what is due them.

But don’t you know that your Christmas Bonus is tied up and determines your success in life?

Shocking, isn’t it?

In this article I will show you the direct link between the Christmas bonus your receive and your success (or failure) in life.

Christmas Bonus and Your Reaction

Let me ask you this: When you receive your Christmas bonus, what is your reaction?

No, I’m not asking if you are happy or not. Of course, everyone of us are happy when given an extra money.

But I’m asking what is your mindset when your receive cold cash in your hands.

Are you mind imagining those things you can buy? Maybe a nice gadget for you or your loved ones?

Maybe a fine dining for your loved ones? How about a nice vacation for the family?

What about a new dress, watch, etc.?

Or maybe, an extra money represents for you an answer to pay off your debts?

Those are all nice use of money. But they all represents an outflow, a spend mentality.

The money you receive are gone in an instant. Of course, you receive something in exchange for the money.

But come to think of it. Isn’t it a lot better if you have a plan to make your money grow?

Money – A Seed For Growth

Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is an advocate of delayed gratification. The same is true with Bro. Bo Sanchez, the founder of TrulyRichClub, a club advocating an abundance mindset to help members achieve financial freedom.

What is delayed gratification? Wikipedia defines it as follows:

Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

Did you see that? It’s an ability to resist an immediate reward for a later reward.

Usually the immediate reward is much smaller for a person to sacrifice it for a larger and more enduring reward at a latter time.

Getting the mindset of Robert Kiyosaki, it goes like this:

Assuming he happens to want a nice car and he has the money to pay for it right away.

But for Robert, he will delay giving himself that car so as to use the money in buying the car and grow that instead.

He asks a question to himself like this: how can I use what I have right now to grow so that I can buy what I want with the interest or growth?

You Mind – Your Powerful Ally To Make Your Money Grows

Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. – Matthew 7:7-8 (RSV)

Usually when a person challenges himself and ask questions, the subconscious mind gets to work for an answer.

But you have to ask the right question.

You also must be clear in what you are asking for you to receive an answer.

Let me repeat that, you must be clear in what you are asking before you receive an answer.

You also must be ready and committed to receive an answer.

Readiness requires that you exert some effort.

Are you doing what you can to get the answer?

You will discover that the answer can take many forms.

Probably, you can read a good book.

You may discover a nice seminar or even a webinar providing you great insight.

In today’s internet world where the information is readily available, you can dig in and do some research.

Let me offer also to you this website. It contains many ideas for you to grow your money. First and foremost is my #1 Recommended Training Program.

Your Christmas Bonus Determines Your Success

A person with an abundance mentality has this ability to make what he receives to grow.

He sees and seizes an opportunity. He also seeks an opportunity when it appears there is none.

He is not contented just to receive the fruit of his labor and enjoy it right away. He uses the seeds of the fruit so as to make the seeds produce more and larger fruits in due time.

Yes, he will then enjoy much larger fruits. After all, there’s a time for everything.

As a conclusion, always ask yourself these questions:

“What am I doing to improve my life? Do I have now the resources to make some wise decisions for my future and that of my family?”

Your Christmas bonus can really determines your success.

You can enjoy it right now, right away, then come next year, toil again working for money instead of money working for you.

The better alternative would be is to use your Christmas bonus (maybe even just a part of it) to invest and improve your lives.

Learn how money works and how to make it grows.

Increase your Financial Quotient.

Hire or look for a mentor. Every successful person has a mentor or coach.

Attend a seminar or even webinar.

Look and attend some business events so you can have some business ideas to start with.

Explore if Online Business is for you. Actually this is much easier than starting a traditional brick and mortar business.

It’s more fun challenging your mind to learn new things.

Believe me, ignorance is much more expensive in the long run. It will keep you where you are for the rest of your life.

You deserve more in life. Think about your dreams. What you do now can either make you achieve your dreams or not.

The bottom line is, your mindset towards the Christmas bonus (or any money) you receive, will make or break you.

Choose wisely.

All the best,


Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Tonight, I’m going to review RAPID TRAFFIC MASTERCLASS.

Name: Rapid Traffic Masterclass
Website: Click Here
Price: $14.95 as of the time of this writing
Owners: Stefan Ciancio
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Overview

The number one problem of internet marketers, online business owners, affiliate marketers, and anyone else who has a website is traffic. In this review, let me show you how Rapid Traffic Masterclass can provide the solution to everyone’s problem with regards to traffic.

But first, what is Rapid Traffic Masterclass? It’s simply a training program that teaches how to drive traffic coming from social media specifically Pinterest.


Why Pinterest? Well as of the time of this writing, it’s the 20th and 49th most popular site in the U.S. and the world respectively.

Take note that it’s not just traffic but highly targeted traffic based on the niche one is focused on. The best part is: it’s a FREE TRAFFIC.

The prerequisite is the you must have a website. Using the techniques and strategies of this training program, you will send traffic to your website. Take note that you will not send the traffic directly to your affiliate link or to any of the website of your business. Sending traffic directly doesn’t work anyway.

Don’t worry about the building a website. Stefan teaches you in detailed how to get one and set it up. Nothing really complicated. You can follow along with Stefan or if you want a simpler and better way of getting and setting up a website in just 30 seconds or less, check out my #1 Recommended Training Program.

After setting up your website, Stefan teaches you how to give your website a content. It’s the content anyway that will interest your target audience.

Inside this training program are several videos divided into 4 modules. The videos are about 10 to 20 minutes long.

The training is very easy to follow and very detailed. It starts with an overview, niche research, setting up a website, and building content to your website.

Then it continues with the tutorials on how to set up a Pinterest account, building a following, then using this following to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. All I can say is, the videos are really well made and very easy to follow. Even a complete newbie can walk through the training program with no problem.

With Rapid Traffic Masterclass:

  • Legit 70k+ Visitors Case Study
  • BRAND NEW – Absolutely NO Rehashes!!
  • Easy to Set Up and Implement
  • Works on Complete Autopilot
  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • Complete Step-By-Step System
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Works with Any Niche

Does this system really work? Well check out Stefan’s personal website. You’ll see the traffic his site is getting using the system. Can you beat that 70k+ visitors? Take note that it’s from a FREE source using Rapid Traffic Masterclass!


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Very detailed and easy to follow instructions.
  • Affordable price for anyone

The Bad:

  • You have to take action to make this work

Who is Rapid Traffic Masterclass For?

Driving traffic is the key to earn online. Without an audience to one’s website, your website is like a store in the middle of the desert with no potential customers coming in.

With that being said, Rapid Traffic Masterclass is for anyone and everyone who has a website and wants to monetize it by driving traffic into it.

Tools & Training

The video tutorial is a training in itself. It’s very detailed and easy to follow. It’s as if Stefan is right there teaching you how his system works.


  • Support portal inside the Members Area
  • Facebook  MasterMindGroup


The Basic Product costs $14.95 one-time.

There are 2 OTOs or upsells:

personal-copy-paste-studiesPersonal “Copy Paste” Case Studies – $37.35 one-time

  • Rapid Traffic Masterclass Profits Booster Pack
  • Faster Results
  • No confusion
  • Over the shoulder earnings
  • Exact speed up steps
  • Exact niches and details
  • Bonus One: Profit Multiplier Secret
  • Bonus Two: Passive Sales System

Done-For-You Package – $47 one-time

  • 5 Done-For-You Profit Packs
  • Exact Niches
  • Viral Article Topics
  • Free Traffic Keywords (Bonus Traffic)
  • DFY Affiliate Offers
  • Outsourcing Guide
  • Royalty Free Graphics

The two OTOs or upsells are optional. You can still succeed by simply following the tutorials on the Basic Product. But if I were you, why not get these 2 OTOs. They will speed up your profits in this system.

My Final Opinion of Rapid Traffic Masterclass

If you are tired in getting mediocre traffic to your website and wants to earn faster, get this system. It’s really a new approach in getting FRESH traffic and it really works.

Rapid Traffic Master Class at a Glance…

Name: Rapid Traffic Master Class

Website: Click Here To Get Started
Owner: Stefan Cianciao
Price: $14.95 for the Basic Product of this writing
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


If you want to get the niche that is really right for you, why not check out my #1 Recommended Training Program? With that program, you will be taught how to determine your very own niche and how to build your own online business around it. Check it out here:

Your Instant Money Button

Generally, people want instant success. They are looking for that instant money button that will give them instant cash.

With that in mind, let me share to you the Instant Money Button from Brett. It’s really simple. All you have to do is click the button below. Go ahead, click it now and watch that Instant Cash right away.


Ok, did you click on the button above? What did you find?

If you really want to have an honest-to-goodness success and build a real online business, check out my #1 Recommended Training Program.

Once you get into it, you will know how to build your foundation of success once and for all. Check it out now!


Ways To Get Out Of Debt

In this article, let me show you several proven and effective ways to get out of debt. These are not a pie-in-the-sky theories but a workable solutions that you can apply right away if you want to be debt free or if you want to debt proof your life forever.

Let’s begin with this Biblical principle:

The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. – Dt. 28:12

There are several key points here:

  • God has storehouse of bounty

Debt is not just a financial issue. It’s more of a spiritual issue.

You see, God has provided you and I a storehouse of blessings. You just have to claim it for yourself.

Are you regularly walking into God’s storehouse of blessings for all that you need?

If your answer is no, then wonder no more why you are in debt. You are not claiming what is in store for you by God. God is a God of abundance. You must have an Abundance Mindset and not a Poverty Mindset to get out debt.

Having an Abundance Mindset is the way to walk into God’s storehouse of blessings for all that you need.

Try it! It really works.

  • God will send rain in your land

Did you see that? It says God will give you rain of blessings. As I said earlier, He is a God of Abundance. It’s in His nature to give you an outpouring of blessings.

But the problem is, are you catching the rain of God’s blessings or are you just letting them fall to the ground?

You see, there are season of rain and season of not raining.

When it’s the season of rain, you must have a strategy to catch and value the blessings coming to you.

Don’t waste it so when it’s not a season of raining, you have something to rely from. God wants you to be his good steward in taking care of His blessings.

If you are not catching the rain of God’s blessings when He send you the rain, then don’t be surprised that when it’s a season of not raining, you’ll have to borrow from others and be in debt.

  • God will bless the work of your hands

If you look closely, God has reveal to you how He will bless you. It’s through the work of your hands.

It’s not from winning the lottery, joining those get-rich-quick schemes, etc. He will bless you by you working out on the right stuff. You need discernment on this. Don’t let greed influence you so you will see how God is blessing you.

  • You will lend to many and borrow from no one

What a promise. Imagine being debt free and you are the one lending to many.

“Lending” here can be likened to “investing”. Through investing, you let others have a capital for their business so they will grow. In short, you are partnering with them.

I will get on this in my future article.

Ways To Get Out Of Debt

  • Commit to becoming debt free now

The wicked borrow and never repay – Psalm 37:21

Paying debt is not just a financial issue. It’s a spiritual issue.

It’s a commitment to your God. Period.

God loves you and He wants you to be out of debt. Commit to pay your debt no matter what.

You don’t just owe your creditor. You owe God in honoring your debt to others.

  • List down your debts with specific amount and interest

I know it’s hard at first. Many people in debt suffers from amnesia when it comes to their debts.


Because they are in denial. Instead of confronting the problem, they choose to run away from it.

And running doesn’t solve anything. It just worsen it.

When you list down your debts, the problem you have will become crystal clear to you. You will be then in a position to face it squarely.

  • Set up a repayment plan

You can get into debt accidentally, but you are not going to get out of debt accidentally.

You have to be intentional about paying your debt

Here are several suggestions on how to do it:

* Pay off the debt that makes you the maddest plan.

Look at your debts. Identify the debts that makes you feel very uncomfortable emotionally. Those are the debts that will drag you down and many financial experts suggest that you deal with them first. Why?

It’s because you can free your emotion and energy so you can concentrate on your other debts.

* Snowball Plan

Dave Ramsey suggests that you take baby steps in your repayment plan.

Look out each debt separately and pay down the smallest first with any extra money that you have while paying the minimum on the other debts.

By doing this, you build momentum. The hardest thing for a person in debt is to act right away.

By having the satisfaction of paying the smallest debt first, you will feel confidence in taking little by little a much higher debt. It’s really a snowball effect. Pretty soon the snowball will be an avalanche that will force you to be out of debt.

* Laddering Plan

Pay your biggest debt right away while paying the minimal amount on your other debts. This helps you feel you are in control of your debts.

Many of those in debts have the erroneous thinking that they are powerless. By doing this Laddering Plan, they feel right away that after all, they can do it.

It really starts with conditioning your mind that you can do it.

* Talk to your creditors

Who are your creditors?

Creditors are people you are trying to hide from. Nothing makes them madder than being ignored.

You must sit down with your creditors and discuss with them on how you can settle your debts.

Be honest. If you want, you can ask them to stop charging the monthly interest of your debt so you can concentrate in paying the principal.

You can also discuss with them in restructuring your debt or maybe asking for a lower interest rate.

Creditors simply want to get paid, and oftentimes they will be logical enough to compromise with you so you can pay off your debt.

When your ways please the lord, he will make your enemies into friends. – Prov. 16:7

Make your creditors to be your friends by talking with them. It’s as simple as that.

* Add no new debt

Once you set up your chosen strategy to pay off your debt, don’t add new debt so you won’t be buried again in debt.

But how do you get away from ever borrowing again?

Follow the Cardinal Virtue of Finance:

Spend less from what you earn and invest the difference.

Why do that?

Because it frees you the money so you can pay off your debts.

So simple, isn’t it?

But you may ask, how do you spend less when what you are receiving is not enough?

Some Practical Suggestions On How To Spend Less


* Grocery Shopping

Only the wife should go grocery shopping. By following this suggestion, only one person is in control as to what is to buy. Of course, before shopping, husband and wife should discuss with one another the needs of the family.

Stick to your list. We are all impulsive buyer. By sticking to the list, it gives you control with your spending. Besides a list is well thought off.

Never use credit card. Many persons have a false sense of power in using credit card. They think that sky is the limit when using it. By using cash, they will feel right away the resources they have and stick with them.

Never bring your children or your husband with you. The logic behind is for you to have control when you are buying things instead of having someone with you asking you to buy this or that right there in the grocery store. Besides for women, shopping is an experience. They love it. For men, it’s a task. So men want to finish the task right away when you are with them. Result? It’s a disaster in your shopping if you are with them.

* Utilities

Always compare your bills with that of last month’s. You have to monitor it so you can do to some cost cutting.

If you are a cable subscriber, you can choose only the TV channels you need. Go for a lower subscription plan because you really don’t need all the channels, right?

Use Prepaid Service in your Cellphone. Unless you have a business and many contacts that you have to communicate with daily, you can save a lot by using a prepaid service. Again only subscribe to those things you really need.

Use LED lights. This kind of lights will save you a lot in the long run. It has been proven to be cost effective in your electric bill.

* Clothes

Do not buy clothes when you need it because it might be very expensive then.

Buy clothes during sales and off season.

Buy clothes you need, not the brand.

To help you think more creatively on how you can lower your expenses to pay off your debts, you may want to answer some questions yourself:

Do you drink soft drinks?
Do you smoke?
Do you eat merienda?
Are your kids studying in expensive school?
Do you buy branded clothes?
Do you have more than 1 cellphone?

I think you get the idea, right?

Do these savings tips to save you a lot of money. The money you save can be used right away to pay off your debts.

If you look out your expenses, these are little things that get you into debt.

Remember the Saver’s Principle

Little + Little + Little = A Lot

Let me leave you with this:

The borrower is the slave of the lender – Prov. 22:7

Don’t be a slave anymore. God loves you and want you to be debt free.

May you experience His blessings in your life.

Your friend,


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TRC How To Be Truly Rich Audio Seminar


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LootClick [Review]

Tonight, I’m going to review LootClick.

Name of the Product: LootClick
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: FREE
Owner: Rick Katz
Website: Click Here


There’s only 1 problem that you must solve if you are marketing online. That’s to have traffic or visitors to your website.

The visitors must be a targeted visitors, i.e. meaning those looking for opportunities to make money online, or those interested in what you have to offer.

Anyone can do it but it requires time and commitment to have one’s website get ranked in Search Engines especially Google so your target visitors will find your website.

My #1 Recommended Training Program has a training course especially for that purpose.

But how about if one wishes to have a quick solution to traffic problem?

LookClick is the answer.

LootClick is a Traffic Exchange Program with a lot of twists. It was established by Rick Katz, an experienced and highly successful internet marketer.

It works this way:

Everyday you will receive no more than 5 emails from the fellow members of LootClick.

You have to read and click on the link provided by the email. You will be taken to a member’s website. You have to wait for at least 15 seconds before you close the website.

Once the 15 seconds are over, you earn 20 credits.

What to do with these credits?

This is where LootClick becomes exciting. There are several things you can do with the earned credits. You can buy:

  • Banner impressions – the banner of your website will be displayed in LootClick for all the members to see.
  • Text impressions – the wordings or texts of your choice will be displayed in LootClick website.
  • Rotators – your website will receive a number of unique clicks or real visitors instead of just impressions.
  • Solo Ads Rotator- your website and ads will be delivered in LootClick members email. This is my favorite because those active members will have to click or visit my website for them to earn credits.
  • Lootery Ticket – you can buy a ticket where the prize can be real cash or even more credits.


The Good – Some awesome benefits

  • Earning credits take only small time – you just spend 15 seconds in a member’s website to get 20 credits.
  • Unlike other traffic exchanges, there are many ways to use the earned credits.
  • You can refer others to join LootClick so you earn thousands of credits.
  • Best of all, it’s FREE

The Bad – Yes, nobody’s perfect.

  • You must really work to capture the attention of the members when your website is exposed so they can answer or take action with your offer or ads.
  • The members may not be interested in what you have to offer. They may just be in LootClick to promote their own website. So your website should answer their needs. What can you offer them so they too can be successful in promoting their own products or services?


LootClick is for anyone who wants to have a quick fix to their website problem of getting traffic. It’s fast and reliable.


Support is available via their Contact Form inside the Members Area. The program though works like charm. In my 3 years of using it, I never had any problem or issue.


FREE! Keep your credit card with you 🙂


This program is a no brainer. Every online marketer, business owner, affiliate marketer, etc. should be a member.

This is one of the easiest and fastest way to gain traffic and exposure to one’s website.

Verdict: Legitimate and Recommended.

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Your friend,


I need you to read my essay very carefully.

Because  you  need  to  understand  how  terrific  your investment  strategy  is  compared  to  other  strategies  out there.

In the TrulyRichClub, you use the Strategic Averaging Method  (SAM).  It’s  an  improved  version  of  the  Peso  Cost Averaging Method.

Why   is   SAM   better   than   Peso   Cost   Averaging?

Answer: Because you’ll earn more. How much more? In the long term (20 years or more), you’ll earn MANY MILLIONS more.

Let me explain why.

In  the  Peso  Cost  Averaging  Method,  the  investor buys  stocks  of  gigantic  companies  on  a  regular  basis  (for example,   monthly),   always buying,   never   selling—for decades. He just buys, buys, buys.

In SAM, the investor also buys the stocks of gigantic companies each month for many decades, but we do two things differently:

  1. We sell when we believe the share price is very expensive (it hits or goes above our Target Price). This is like  a  “reset”.  Because  when  we  sell,  we get  our  cash  back  and  start  deploying  again  to  cheaper  stocks slowly.
  2. We buy only if the price is cheap (we only buy if the price is below our Buy-Below Price).

These two big differences will give you superior returns.

Note: This won’t be obvious in the first five years of investing.  But it will become very obvious after the fifth or sixth or seventh year… Because at a certain point, Peso Cost Averaging becomes almost a Buy-And-Hold Strategy. (Buy-And-Hold  Strategy  is  another  method  of  investing  where  you  plunk  a  huge  amount  and  buy  a  stock—and don’t do anything anymore afterwards.)

Why  is  the  Peso  Cost  Averaging  almost  like  a  Buy-And-Hold  Strategy?  Let’s  say  you  invest  P5000  a  month faithfully.  After  20  years  of investing,  your  money  would  have  grown  to  P5  Million.  So  your  monthly  investment (P5000) is now only 0.1 percent of your total portfolio.
It won’t make a dent anymore. So it’s almost like a Buy-And-Hold Strategy.

But if you follow SAM and—at very strategic times sell portions of your portfolio—you actually multiply your returns because you can buy more stocks at cheaper prices.

I believe that SAM will increase your average growth by a few percentage points. I love giving this example: If a woman at age 25 invests P3000 a month, by the time she retires at 65, she would have P30 million—if her stock market investments grew by an average of 12 percent a year. But if she uses SAM and nudges her average growth upward by just 2 percent, it’ll be glorious. At 14 percent growth, she won’t have P30 Million, she’ll have P55 Million.

NOTE: In the past four years, if TrulyRichClub members simply followed our instructions, our average growth has been 17 percent-plus a year. It’s been pretty amazing.

Bottom line, I just want you to appreciate the powerful strategy that you’re using here at the TrulyRichClub.

Happy investing!

Bo Sanchez

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My friend in front of me was fidgeting. So I knew something was bothering him. We were having coffee in a little resto in Makati, and after greeting each other, he dove into the reason why he asked for a chat.

“Bo, I’m scared. I’m scared for the Philippines. And yes, I’m scared for our stock market. I just joined TRC early this year. Tell me, will the stock market go lower? Honestly, I just wish President Duterte stops talking. Every time he talks, the market goes lower!”

I laughed. “Let me clear the air. It’s more complicated than that. What you’re seeing in the Philippine Stock Market today is also a global phenomenon. Other countries’ stock markets are going down too. And we went down more compared to the other countries because the Philippines was more expensive—so naturally, we were sold by the foreign funds more than others. But yes, possibly a few foreign funds are pulling out because of perceived increase of political risk…”

My friend looked at me intently and asked, “Bo, I’m curious. Why don’t you look worried? Aren’t you scared at what will happen to the country? And don’t tell me, ‘I trust God, blah, blah,’ because I trust God too. But for one moment, forget that you’re a preacher and talk to me like you’re an ordinary guy.”

“Personally, I still believe the country will have great economic growth in the next 10 years. But the journey will be rough. And I’m not scared of rough waters. Here’s a little history lesson. In 1986, the Philippines suffered six coup d’etat. Six! It was absolute chaos. But at the worst possible time in the country, some wise investors—like my mentor—earned the most amount of money in the stock market.”

“ Wow.”

“So I’m not afraid of crisis. Yesterday, my conspiracy- obsessed friend told me that after the US elections is over and they have a new President, the CIA will do something about President Duterte…”

“Oh my gosh. What if that happens?”

“First of all, my friend believes in everything. He believed that Michael Jackson was an alien. And he believes Elvis Presley is still alive. He even showed me YouTube videos to prove it. But no matter what happens, the 10-year and 20-year progress of the Philippines is intact.”

“But even if these conspiracy theories won’t come true, do you think the market will go lower?”

“Yes, we believe it will still go lower. That’s why last August, we asked members to raise cash. We instructed our members to top slice—to sell 20 percent of their winners. And one week later, we instructed everyone to sell 40 percent.”

He nodded, “Yes, I remember you emailing us about that. And I sold some. Bo, I have one last question and I’ll shut up. If your prediction is that the market will go lower, shouldn’t we just wait for those lower prices before we start buying again?”

“Nope. We buy every month, remember?”

“Oh, right.”

“Stick to our system. Traders like guessing the bottom. We can’t. And we don’t. We just buy every month. You’ll be okay.”

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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Tonight I’m going to review the ExpressPay Franchise Business

Name: ExpressPay Franchise Business
Price: P154,000 – Package A – 3 years contract (see other option below)
Owner: Touch Group of Companies
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100


Is ExpressPay a scam?

Is ExpressPay too good to be true?

Is ExpressPay a legitimate business?

Today I will answer the 3 questions above and a lot more. This is my unique take being one of the franchise owners of this business.

Ok, let’s begin.

ExpressPay is a leading payment center in the Philippines. It’s a multi awarded payment service business.

As of this writing, it offers the following revenue streams:

  • Domestic and International Remittances

Remittances can be in for of Smart Padala Money Transfer, Door-to-door Cash Delivery, Credit-to-Bank Money Transfer, MLhuieller Kwarta Padala, Transfast and ExpressPay Branch to ExpressPay Branch Money Transfer.

  • Bills Payment

Bills payment can be in the form of Utilities (Electric, Water, etc), Cable and Internet, Loan Payments, Telecoms, Credit Cards, Charitable Instutions, Social Security System, Life Insurance, Schools and Universities, and Others.

  • Prepaid Loads

Globe, SMART, Sun, Gaming Cards, etc.

  • Travel and Tours Ticketing

It has a full-blown travel agency agency. It can offer both domestic and international ticketing services.

  • Courier Service

ExpressPay is in partnership with Air21 to give your branch to offer a courier service anywhere in the Philippines for your customers.

  • XP Marketplace Online Distribution

It’s like an online portal similar to Amazon, eBay, Lazada, etc. where you customer can place an order of the products they want to order from your branch.

  • Personal Loans

Currently ExpressPay is in partnership with a leading bank to give your branch the ability of offer personal loans.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

To give the customers enough protection, ExpressPay offers an affordable Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Postpaid Subscriptions: PLDT Home, Globe, etc.

ExpressPay is currently in tie-up with the leading Telecoms companies. Our customers can apply directly to us and our telecoms partner will process the service for them.

With all the above revenue streams, your income potential is virtually unlimited. You can focus in any revenue stream of your choice, or you can take them all. It’s all up to you.

How You Can Be Successful In ExpressPay

As a franchisee of ExpressPay, you will have access to the following:

  • A Marketing System
  • An Operations and Transactions Systems
  • A Customer Service System

I call this 3 systems, The Trinity of Success. They will really give you the best opportunity to be successful in running this business.

Click here to contact me so I can show you how these 3 systems work.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • All-in-one revenue income streams
  • Integrated Online e-Payment System
  • Single Load Wallet
  • Very Low Start Up Cost
  • Exclusive Franchise Territory
  • Growing Service Portfolio

The Bad:

  • Location is the key to success
  • Initial hassle in registering your business with various government agencies
  • Manpower requirement

Who is ExpressPay For?

If you are a business-oriented person, then ExpressPay is for you. The system is all set up and ready to go. It’s very easy to operate.

Tools & Training

Once you signed up and have a complete requirements, you and your staff will undergo an intensive 3 days FREE Training.

This training is your key to be successful in this business.

You will also be given several Marketing Collaterals to jump start the public’s awareness of your branch.


Helpdesk and Technical Support are available during office hours that you operate your business.


  • P154,000 – 3 Years Contract (Renewable)
  • P210,000 – 5 Years Contract (Renewable)
  • P308,000 – Lifetime Contract (No need to renew)

My Final Opinion of ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity

This is a business that you should look into. It’s very easy to set up, profitable, and low risk.

Consider the revenue streams discussed above and you’ll realize that what the business offer to the customer is a necessity.

ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity at a Glance…

Owner: Touch Group Of Companies
Price: P140,000 – 3 Years Contract (Renewable) – See other options above
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100


Your friend,


P.S. Drop me a comment below should you have a questions regarding this review. It’s my pleasure to help people succeed. If you want to contact me privately, just click here.

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