Facebook Sharer Pro Review

Today, I’m going to review Facebook Sharer Pro.

Name: Facebook Sharer PRO

Website: Click here
Price: $49.00 one-time fee (see other price options below)
Owner: Alex Granner
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100


Every internet marketer knows that Facebook is a good place to market one’s products or services.


Because by using it, one can target your particular audience that’s more or less will be interested in what you have to offer. The key to success in online marketing is to target your audience.

There are 2 ways you can do:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Posting to different groups, pages, or even to your profile Facebook wall

In this review, I’ll be focusing on the latter and why using this Facebook Sharer Pro can be your inexpensive tool to success. Let me tell my experience in using this product.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Publish updates, links to your offers, photos or videos on your Facebook profile wall
  • Ability to post fan page name in your fan page newsfeed
  • Schedule your posts in an open, closed, or private groups. Videos, links, animated GIFs, and text are acceptable as your post
  • No limitations on the number of groups you can post to
  • Automatically bump your last post in any group so it can appear at the top
  • Automatically comment other user’s posts on fan pages and in groups you are member of
  • Post your ads using different Facebook accounts
  • Ability to post instantly instead of scheduling your post
  • Ability to post real sized images
  • With the SPINTAX feature, the script can spin your ads while running. Each posted ad will be different
  • Facebook Sharer runs in background on auto-pilot and it is totally anonymous. Even when your computer is off
  • No limitations: you can use UNLIMITED Facebook accounts, message lists, resources and scheduled campaigns
  • Ability to add pause interval between posting. Together with SPINTAX feature, this ensure that your Facebook account will not experience Facebook Jail
FBS Banner

The Bad:

  • It’s easy to violate the rules or regulations of any group by using this script. The user must carefully choose which groups to post to automatically and follow their rules and guidelines.
  • Your friend will probably think you are online 24/7 because they will read their newsfeed and see you posting non stop.

Who is Facebook Sharer PRO for?

This product is for anyone who wants to automate their Facebook marketing. It’s ideal for affiliate marketers, networkers, business owners, or anyone who wants to simplify and organize their marketing effort.

Tools & Training

Text and video tutorials are well organized. They are very easy to follow to set up the script to get you started.


There’s a comprehensive HELP and FAQ Section available. For the real lazy person, one can even email the owner for an answer.


  • $49 one time fee if you have your own website. You will be given the script and instructions on how to install it
  • $20 Additional fee if you want them to install the script to your website. You do not need to pay this if you can follow the simple installation instructions
  • $49 one time fee plus $20 per year hosting fee if you want a self hosted solution. This if you do not have your own website so you will ask them to install the script on their own server.

My Final Opinion of Facebook Sharer PRO

I recommend this product for those want to increase their sales using Facebook Marketing. I have been using this product since February 2014. It’s a great tool that can simplify your marketing effort.

Facebook Sharer PRO at a Glance…

Website: click here
Owner: Alex Granner
Price: $49 one-time fee (see other price options above)
Overall Scam Rank: 91 out of 100


Get Started Now

Your Friend,


P.S. Drop me a comment below should you have a questions regarding this review. It’s my pleasure to help people succeed.

P.P.S. Do check out also my #1 Recommended Program. I’m sure you’ll like it too. Click here.

Business Ideas For OFWs

If you are going to interview a typical Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), I’m sure you’ll find out that 99.99% of them do not want to work abroad and leave their family behind if the salary is good in the Philippines. It’s just the lure of the greener pasture for OFWs that drives them to work abroad.

While abroad, OFWs provide financial comfort for their families and because of their remittances, they help a lot our economy. That’s why the government hails them as modern day hero.

But the hard reality is, OFWs is as good only as their contract. Sooner or later they have to leave abroad and return to the Philippines. It’s therefore advisable that while abroad, OFWs should not only save their hard-earned money but grow them as well. Investment in a good business is the key to wealth and prosperity.

In this article, let me share with you several business ideas or models that an OFWs can do while abroad. After all, they do have a lot of spare time there. It will just take some education about the business, planning about it, and commitment to work it out. These are all simple business models that OFWs can do even while working abroad.


Among the business models I listed here, this is the simplest to do. Why? Because your online business will be based on your interests, passions, or hobbies you know by heart.

It’s not a done-to-you system because you will be the one to create the business, one step at a time.

Using this model, your online business has a much greater chance to succeed because it will come from what you love most. Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life. Why? Because it’s more fun.

How about the products or services?

They can be either your own or that of others. Yes, you can promote other people’s products or services and earn big from that. You just receive a nice commission from the sales. How good is that?

Check out my #1 Recommended Training Program so you’ll fully understand the beauty of the model I’m talking here. Click here to check my comprehensive review.

With your own online business, the world is at your hand. Your online business is open 24/7. You earn even while you sleep, taking a vacation, or even while you are working abroad. Isn’t that great?


I can almost hear your scream, “What? Are kidding? Stock Market? I do not even understand what it is. It speaks an alien language as far as I’m concerned”.

Calm down my friend. Stock market or stock investing in the Philippine Stock Market is very easy. Trust me. Even an ordinary person can do that. And contrary to popular misconception, you don’t have to have a lot of money to start with that.

Do you know that even as little as P5000 you can already investing? You are an OFW so I know you can start more than that.

Do you also know that you can invest, even if you are there working abroad? It’s done online so you can access every buy and sell transactions anytime, anywhere.

But first, what is a stock?

Stock is a share of ownership of a company. A company needs capital to grow or expand their business.

To raise additional capital, a company usually issues to the public a shares of stock.

If you buy shares of stock of a company, literally you are part owner of that company. When the company grows or make profit, you earn too.

For example, if you buy a share of stocks of Jollibee Food Corporation, every profit from the sales of its hamburger or spaghetti, you earn too.

The value of your stock of grows as the company grows, and the company can even declare a dividend and share a portion of the profit with you! Great isn’t it?

The companies you will be buying stock from are already those well established and giant companies. They are already earning big time. Why not be with them when they earn more and more?

My personal experience with the stock market is that by following a good investment strategy, you really can earn your first million in a couple of years.

I’m telling you this, not to brag. I just like to invite you to take a closer look so it can help you grow your wealth too.

I did it and I see no reason why you can’t too.

Don’t worry, as I said it’s very easy and profitable in the long run.

Click here to check this review to get you started.


There are many business models you can select to have a business franchise. But I recommend that you select one in which you can manage even while you are abroad.

Yes, technology is such as no matter where you are, you can oversee the operation of your business anywhere.

Introducing the ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity.

As far as I know, this is the most affordable among the many Payment services in the Philippines. Not only that, the company is a multi awarded franchise payment company.

By getting a franchise, you’ll get to offer to your customers an 8-in-1 revenue streams, thus maximizing your profit:

  • Domestic and International Remittances
  • Bills Payment
  • Prepaid Loads
  • Travel and Tours Ticketing
  • Courier Service
  • XP Marketplace Online Distribution
  • Personal Loans
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Postpaid Subscriptions: PLDT Home, Globe, etc.

Did you see the potential my friend?

Once you signed up as a franchisee, you and your staff will attend an intensive training on how to operate the system.

You will also be given a lot marketing materials and portfolio for your business, plus a full customer support and service.

When I saw this business model, my wife and I immediately signed for their FREE Business Opportunity Presentation. We like it so much that we put our own ExpressPay Center in Taytay, Rizal.

Are you interested for this business model too? Click here to read this review.


Compared to working in the Philippines, OFWs earn a relatively high income. There’s this ‘extra’ that they can use to invest in an asset that will grow in value over time.

Real Estate business is a good choice provided one will learn the ins and outs of the business. To build a profitable business, one has to study first everything.

Real Estate business is no exception and probably more time should be devoted to it as it involves a lot of investment as compare to the other three above.

I highly suggest that you choose a company whose vision is just not to build here and there as if there’s no tomorrow, but choose one that really has the investor’s interest in mind.

For example, what are the future development in that area? Will the property grow in value over time because of the development?

What’s the track record of the company you are going to be part of? Do they have the integrity? Do they have several awards that show that they are excellent in providing service to their investors and customers.

The population of our country is growing. With the growth comes the demand for houses, condo units, etc. where people has to live.

Take this as a cue and you will know that one can really hit it big in being in a real estate business provided one has the know-how.



The 4 recommended businesses I give here can make one wealthy over time. But one must study first before engaging in any of the above.

Then comes the dedication and commitment to make the business work. Rome was not built in a day as they say.

The idea here is for you, my OFW friend, to have a workable plan, a business models that you can start right now while you are earning abroad.

The end goal would be is for you to come home where you enjoy having a full income business in the company of your loved ones.

There’s no place like home.

If you have some questions or concerns about this post, drop me a comment a below. I’ll be happy to answer you.

Your friend,


In this article, let me share with you the Don’ts of Facebook Marketing or what not to do when you use Facebook as your marketing tool.

  • DO NOT post on other wall without their permission

Have you experienced this before? Somebody made a friend request to you and after your accepted him, all of a sudden, he posted on your wall without your permission.

Or maybe in your determination to let your friends know about your wonderful products or services, you were the one that tagged them or worst posted an ads on their timelines.

Do not do that because you are simply destroying your credibility. They accepted you as their friend in Facebook because they trusted you. And now you want to appear like that of pushy salesman?

I don’t know about you but the more people pushes their products or services on my face, the more I run away from them.

Besides posting on another timeline can be likened to a total stranger coming to your house, going inside it, and right away demonstrates to you his offer without any permission from you.

What will you feel? Most probably you will right away tell me that it’s an invasion of your privacy, right?

Well the same is true when someone posted in your timeline without your permission. It’s just not right.

  • DO NOT over post

Facebook by nature was created as a social media platform. People are there to interact with one another, to share something personally, something about their lives, what they eat, how they feel, what their loved ones are doing, how beautiful are their pets, etc.

You will notice that posts in that category get more like and share. It’s because people can easily relate.

Then here comes you with your many posts about your business and ads. If you will overdo the posting of your ads, chances are, your connected friends will avoid you. Some of them could even blocked you.

What to do then? Actually, it’s okay to post about business but limit it to just about 20%.

The other 80% must be about your life story. Believe me, people will trust you as being more human if you do that.

  • DO NOT expect immediate results

Rome was not built in a day. You heard about it right? Well it’s the case also with Facebook Marketing.

You should not expect immediate results. If you are in a real online business or any legitimate business for that matter, you will experience that it takes time and effort. You have to nurture and take of it.

Facebook Marketing can be of help. It should be one of your arsenals in your marketing effort. But do not expect that you will get result immediately when using it.

  • DO NOT post the same content / format

In order to capture the interest your audience, you must not post the same content or format over and over again no matter if your content is very valuable or worth sharing.

Just like eating a good quality food, eating it over and over again will be counter productive. It will surely backfire against your end goal.

What you can do is give variety of content to your audience even if the end goal is the same. Engage them. Ask questions. Give some freebies. Ask them how you can help them.

Think less about how to sell but more and more on how to connect. Your sales will come later if people trust you already.

  • DO NOT forget to read Facebook terms and guidelines

Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.

I learned that phrase from my Law professor when I was in college.

Let’s face it. You do not own Facebook. You and I just use their platform to reach our target audience.

Guess what, Facebook has terms and guidelines we all should follow. Have you read any of them yet?

You should be familiar with those to avoid your account being blocked or banned by Facebook. Trust me, you won’t like it if Facebook jailed you for some violations you committed.

Know the term and guidelines. Follow them literally. Facebook will like it, and so is target audience and potential customers.


Facebook is here to stay. As of this writing, it’s estimated that 1.59 billions have an account, and at any given day, millions are online at the same time.

That’s why, it’s no wonder that affiliate marketers, networkers, business owners, etc. see the potential of marketing by using Facebook.

However it boils down to do Facebook Marketing in an Ethical and Responsible Way. There’s no other way except this route.

Do check out my #1 Recommended Training Program. It’s teaches anyone how to establish an online business of your own. Yes, you can work for your yourself using the model we will teach you. Click here to read my honest review.

If you enjoy and profit from this article, drop me a comment below. I love to hear and connect with you.

Your friend,


Truly Rich Club Review

Tonight, I’m doing a review of Truly Rich Club.

Product Name: Truly Rich Club
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: P497 monthly or P4,771.20 annually – Click here to get started
Owner: Bo Sanchez
Website: Click Here


Truly Rich Club (TRC) is a membership club which guides its members to invest in the Philippine stock market and grow their wealth through entrepreneurship. It’s an online learning club so anywhere you are (even OFWs & those abroad) can still join and access the materials. But it’s not only a place to learn about stock investing. It’s much more that.

I have been a part of this club for more than 6 years now. The things I learned are truly amazing. Let me show you my experience and what the club did in my life.

But first I’ll show you the Pros and Cons so you’ll have a better take on what’s in the inside.


Pros – Some of the awesome benefits

  • 2 Power talks every month

Correct mindset must be established in your mind so you can change your life for the better. That’s the reason for these Power Talks.

Sometimes the topic is about Family Life. Sometimes it would deal with your Emotion. At other times it would focused on the things to improve your life Spiritually. Of course, lastly Financial Life would also be discussed.




  • Bo’s Success Mentors, 1 every 3 months for 1 year

Nobody succeeds in life without a coach or mentor, those persons who already achieved phenomenal heights in their respective career or profession.

Look around and you will see various examples in the field of Sports, Entertainment, Business, etc.

Isn’t it wonderful if you can sit with those successful persons and pick on what’s inside their brains?


  • Wealth Strategies Newsletter every month

These are one of the gems that will surely improve your Financial Life.

The topics include where to invest your money, how to avoid scams, how to protect your wealth, etc.





  • Recording of How To Be Truly Rich Seminar

I have listened to this seminar over and over again. Why? It’s because I want to master what’s in it.

I tell you it works.



trc-howtobetrulyrich-txtget-started-now-1 trc-goliath
  • How To Conquer Your Goliath eBook

You will learn here the 7 Keys To Overcome Problem that prevents you from reaching your dreams.






  • How To Turn Thoughts Into Things eBook

You and I live in an ocean of blessings. Recognize this and you’ll have a better life. That’s a guarantee.






  • Passive Income by being an affiliate

You don’t have to promote Truly Rich Club as an affiliate but if you do you’ll earn something from it. It’s a whooping 20% from your referrals membership. I bet you didn’t see this one coming.


  • My Maid Invests in the Stock Market eBook

This is another eBook the will blow your mind. Imagine a maid investing in the stock market?

Not only that. That maid has already a million pesos in her account through stock market as of this writing!





  • Stocks Update / Alert

Every month you’ll receive a report on what companies to invest and why.

You’ll also receive an alert when it’s time to sell and profit from the stocks you already have.

More than anything else, you’ll receive guidance and assurance when the market is down so you’ll know why you should not panic. This is critical because if you have no guidance, you’ll surely lose.

By the way, everything is in plain and simple English that you will understand, no financial jargon or alien language that you won’t understand.


  • Term Life Insurance of P100,000

This is another benefit of membership. FREE Term Life Insurance will be yours once you are with the club for 1 year or if you paid annually. How good is that? Truly Rich Club really cares and gets you covered in case something unfortunate happens.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership

You will be invited to part of the Facebook Group where you can ask questions, give your experiences, or just interacts with other members of the group. Priceless if you will ask me.

  • Monthly MasterMind Group Meeting

Meet other TRC members by joining our Monthly Mastermind Meeting in Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro and Davao. Join this fantastic and inspiring fellowship, learn from each other, and hear tips directly from business experts.


Cons – Yes, nobody’s perfect

  • If you are looking for a quick way to get rich, the club is NOT for you. You must have a long term horizon when you invest. It’s not you invest today, and on the next day, week, or month you expect a high return. Better bet in Lotto if you have a mentality like that.
  • Change in mindset requires unlearning of bad habit and thinking and at the same time installing new ones. This also requires time to take effect.
  • Not for people who want to have a personal physical mentor and those who cannot follow the video and other training materials.


The club is for anyone and everyone who want to better their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, employee, unemployed, business owners, networkers, etc. As long as you want to grow and expand your  human potential, then TRC is for you.


  • Video Tutorials
  • Written Tutorials – Same as the above, only it’s in the form of written instructions.


  • Email
  • Telephone Numbers

You can contact the various departments if you have some issues or concerns. They will surely help you. But honestly I have not tried it. It’s because once you are inside the Members Area, everything is explained in a plain, simple language that anyone can follow.


  • P497 monthly if you pay by credit or debit card or
  • P4,771.20 annually if you pay by cash or bank deposit. That’s 20% discount! I’m a BIG fan of saving so this has been my preferred price over the years!


If you have been with the club for quite sometime, you’ll be amazed at the steady growth of your money overtime. Just look at the chart below:



Yesterday alone, I earned P4,367.50 without doing anything, no buying or selling. Yes, that much in a day, net of tax already! So in just a day, I already got my annual fee back to my pocket. Is that good or what?



Truly Rich Club is a complete package if you want to improve all areas of your life: emotionally, spiritually, family, and financially. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the club.

Not to brag about it, but I reached my 1st million by following the investment strategy of the club.

I want you now to be the next success story!

get-started-now-1Your Friend,


P.S. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions. I want to really help you.



Last week, I had lunch with two young guys who didn’t want to remain employees but want to start their own businesses.

So I gave them my most important advice: “Start selling.”

When they asked why, I explained, “The lifeblood of any business is sales. No sales, no income. It’s that simple.”

One of the young guys was blessed with parents who are successful real estate brokers. So I asked him, “Do you help your parents in selling?” He shook his head. “I didn’t think it was my cup of tea. I wanted to start something new. I wanted to use my skills as a writer and speaker. So I started a blog, wrote some articles, and volunteered as a speaker in the ministry…”

I told him, “Continue to write. Continue to speak. Every day.  But I strongly suggest that you start selling something. Anything.  Since your parents are already successful real estate brokers, your resources are right in front of you. Ask them to train you to sell homes. And do it. Make calls. Pass on leaflets. Knock on doors. Get rejected. Experience the sting. And sell again. And again. And again. Until you experience the thrill of a sale.”

Confession of a Salesman

I’m a salesman.

Sadly, “Salesman” is a curse word in some sectors of society.  In the Top 10 list of Most Shameful Professions in the world, “salesman” is next to “prostitute.”

But I’m a proud salesman.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been a missionary. And a missionary is a salesman for God. So for decades, I’ve had great practice.

And I found it very easy to “sell” God. Because there was no self-interest. Once people “bought” my fantastic “product,” the customer just thanked me. I don’t get paid. But when I became an entrepreneur, the money part of the transaction gave me the creeps. I was going to get paid! And so I was imagining that each of my customers was asking (silently), “Hmm, do you REALLY love me or do you just want to earn a quick buck?”

At the TrulyRichClub, I’m teaching you now that your answer to your customer SHOULD always be, “I love you. I really do. And yes, I will earn a buck in this transaction. So that I can feed my family, tithe to the ministry, and give to the poor. And a part of the buck I earn will still serve you, because it will go to developing better products that will serve you more (Also called R&D, or Research and Development).”

Selling SHOULD Be Your Number #1 Skill

When I think about it, 99 percent of all the successful entrepreneurs I know are fantastic sales people. They sell day in and day out. Before they are manufacturers, or inventors, or artists, or accountants, or managers—they are SALES PEOPLE first and foremost.

Years ago, I still had time to say “yes” to schools who invited me to be their Graduation Speaker. After the event, when those young, wet-behind-the-ears, fresh college grads (still wearing their togas) tell me they want to be entrepreneurs, I always tell them, “Get a sales job first! Even just for a year.” When they hear that, they wince. Some of them are revolted by the idea.

But that’s how I started as an entrepreneur. My one-year experience selling herbal products for an MLM company made me learn the psychology of selling products. I’ve moved out of that business a long time ago, but I’m VERY grateful for the experience of selling house-to-house, face-to-face, and belly-to-belly. Today, my sales letters are DYNAMITE because I learned how to sell person-to-person. Learn to sell.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Today I’m going to review the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

PRODUCT NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: $0 for Starter Membership – Click here to create your account.
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Every one of us has our own interests, passions, or hobbies. These are the things we really know and that we can talk or write about for hours.

Do you know that you can build an online business based on those things? In fact, it’s the most practical business model you can tap into and the one that can be very profitable in the long run. Why? Because you can speak from the heart and people always listen when you do that. But how can you use what you already have inside of you to build your very own online business? Introducing Wealthy Affiliate.

In this Wealthy Affiliate review. let me share with you my personal experience about this program. You may want to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax as this will be a long and comprehensive review.



  • It’s not a Get-Rich Quick Scheme

Get-rich quick scheme proliferates because of the human nature to get instant gratification and success without any effort or hard work. No, you won’t get rich quickly and be a millionaire overnight with Wealthy Affiliate. So if you are for looking for a quick fix to your money problem, then sorry, Wealthy Affiliate program is definitely not for you. But if you are looking to build your own legitimate online business, then read on.

  • It’s not a MLM or Multi Level Marketing or Networking Business

MLM business promises success by leveraging on other people’s effort for you to earn. You are building a network or downlines of people working for you. It’s not entirely a bad business model but Wealthy Affiliate program is entirely different. So you can relax as you don’t have to chase and bother your friends or relatives to sign up under you.

  • It’s not Scam or Ponzi Scheme Program

If Wealthy Affiliate program is just another scam or ponzi scheme, it would have surely collapsed a long time ago because by nature scam or ponzi scheme is short-lived and even illegal. But since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate program has been growing steadily. So is Wealth Affiliate a scam? Definitely not.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program. Wait, it’s more than a training program. It’s more of a community that will teach anyone how to build an online business based on one’s interests, passions, or hobbies.

As I said above, everyone has some expertise on something so why not make money out of it? It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a complete beginner or a seasoned internet marketer or someone in between. You will be taught how to build your own niche marketing website easily and how to profit from it.

Wealthy Affiliate also teaches anyone who are already a business owners how to put their business online so as to grow and expand their business. Different marketing strategies are taught. Your business will surely get the exposure it deserve. More exposure equals more customers which in turn will give more profit.

So the bottom line is you will have an online business that is really your own. You work for your business, and not for anyone else. Sound exciting, right? You bet it is!

Get Started Now


For other internet marketing product or training program out there what you will get is a downloadable guide or a series of video tutorials. That’s all. You are on your own in your journey.

Wealthy Affiliate is much more than that. It’s essentially like a university for online business entrepreneurs. It has all the elements for you to succeed online:

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Community
  • Support

You just can’t find such a comprehensive “product’ like that.

What good about this is the knowledge that you get will never be outdated. It’s because all the information is constantly being updated as new technology or system about online marketing comes into play. You will always be on top of the game. This is because, Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, are always on the loop for what is working and what is not. Online marketing is always evolving and with Wealthy Affiliate you are always ahead of the game compare to others.

Did I mention that both Kyle and Carson are active within Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you will find them once you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask them any questions and you will really feel their concern for you to succeed in your online business.

I still remember my 1st day being a member and I was stuck into something. I sent a message to Kyle and the next day, I got an answer. Imagine that, an owner talking to a newbie.

Not only that, the entire community of Wealthy Affiliate members will be with you. That’s a whooping 10,000+ members. Many are already experts and earning a six-figure income regularly. Others are just starting out. But they all have one thing in common. You just ask for help when you need it. Somebody will surely be there to lend you a helping hand.

By the way, look for my username inside and I’ll be helping you also. I’m using ‘wealthmagic’ inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.



Let’s look at this way. Even the experts were once a newbie. Everybody has to have a coach or mentor to guide them. Nobody in this world succeeds alone. Take for example, our very own boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao (now a Senator).

Decades ago he was just a boxer who has a lot of potential but with limited skill. He had just a big heart plus a determination to win. That alone will not be enough if he did not meet his trainer, Freddie Roach. Under the tutelage and guidance of Roach, Pacquiao achieved new heights in his career.

But did Pacquiao pay Roach to train him? Of course. I’m sure that Roach did not offer a FREE guidance to Pacquiao to train him. That’s the difference with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can begin as a FREE Starter Member. You can test everything if this is for you or not. You can upgrade to Premium Member later on once you are ready to make it big. But nobody will force you to do that. You will be the one to decide. More on this later as I compare being a Starter and Premium member.

So do you need Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are ready to succeed and have an online business and profit from it, the answer is pretty obvious. Yes, you need Wealthy Affiliate.

Get Started Now



To put it simply, an online business is a business that is built online. Wow, am I genius or what? 🙂

Kidding aside, whatever business you will choose, you will build a website for that. It’s up to you. However the Beginner Course is focused primarily in an area called affiliate marketing.



Beginner Course


Wealthy Affiliate Overview

1. Choose an Interest

What are your interests in life? What are your hobbies? What are your passions? For example video games, camera, gardening, pets, etc. Anything that you have some knowledge and familiar with. You don’t have to be an expert in choosing your niche. You just have to know something you can share with others.

3 billions people are online so regardless of the niche that you choose, I’m sure you will agree that other people share your own interests, hobbies, or passions. Target those people and they can become your potential customers.

3 Billion Internet Users

2. Build a Website

Your website is your window to the online world. It’s where you will house your business so your target audience can see what you have to offer them.

Wait, don’t cringe on the prospect of building a website. Even a complete newbie can build one under 30 seconds. Yes, it’s that fast. Let me show you how. Click here to watch this video tutorial.


Pie of cake, isn’t it? 🙂

Once you become a Premium Member, your website will be hosted in the state-of-the-art SiteRubix platform. It’s a fully managed WordPress hosting of up to 25 domain names. It’s hand down a good deal because it’s already a part of your membership fee. You don’t have to buy from the outside where web hosting alone can be very expensive.

3. Get Rankings & Visitors

This is a very critical step to the success of your website. It’s because without visitors to your website, your business is like a store in the middle of the dessert.

How will you get visitors? Simple. Your website should get rank in google and other search engines. When your target audience use Google to search your common interest, they will see your website on the 1st page and visit it. Pretty logical, isn’t it? Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the latest technology so your website can be at the 1st page of Google and other search engines.

4. Earn Revenue

How will you earn from the visitors to your website? Easy. Sign up for free affiliate programs like Amazon and promote their products in your website. If people go to Amazon from your website and buy the product you promote, Amazon will share to you a portion of the profit. Can anything be easier than that?

By now I suppose you already have a good grasp of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you. It’s really an online business built by you. You own it and it’s your money-making machine that will let you earn even while you are sleeping.

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PROS – Some of the awesome benefits

  • Excellent step-by-step training program – Video and written lessons and tutorials
  • Unlimited income potential – How much you put in to build your online business, is what you get.
  • No experience or prior knowledge is needed
  • Designed for beginner or experienced internet marketers
  • Work at your own pace
  • World-class training that is always updated
  • 24/7 Support and Help from 10,000+ community members
  • Interactive help from the owners and experts – Live chat, forums and private messages
  • Live webinar every week. You can watch the recorded replay anytime if you cannot attend it live
  • State of the Art Web hosting on up to 25 domains you own + 25 free Siterubix websites (50 in total!) for premium members, 2 free Siterubix websites available to starter members!
  • Free to sign up for life! You can try the system for FREE as much as you want. (Click here to Join NOW).

CONS – Yes, nobody’s perfect

  • There are so many training materials inside which can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie if you will take them all at the same time. I suggest that you take the main training 1st step by step, bit by bit. You will learn the other training materials eventually.
  • The interactive community is very lively, just like Facebook. If you are not focused in your online business and why you are in Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a tendency for you to leave your business behind. Strike a balance between interacting and being focused in the task at hand.


  • Do you want an extra income as result of building your own online business?
  • Do you want to escape the 9-5 rat race and fire your boss?
  • Are you tired of being an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) or working abroad and want to come home eventually?
  • Would you like to work for yourself whenever and wherever you are?
  • Do you want to have more time with your family and still earn a full time income?
  • Are you tired of those scam and ponzi schemes and want to experience real online income once and for all?
  • Do you want to spend time enjoying a luxurious travel while having a business that works for you 24/7?
  • Do you want to do what you want, your passion and still earn a lot of $$$

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, Wealthy Affiliate is a right choice for you. It’s because Wealthy Affiliate is essentially for anyone and everyone.

FROM $0 TO $10,000 IN 3 YEARS

Building a real online business or any business for that matter, takes time. As I said at the beginning of this review, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich quick scheme. You won’t get rich overnight.

But once your business lifts off, you will really be amazed at the income you’ll be receiving. Click here to see one of our success stories!


Starter Lifetime Membership: $0, yes ZERO dollars – Sign up for a FREE membership here.

Premium membership: $49 if you pay month by month, or $359 per year (which works out to just $29 per month) It’s not much if you consider everything that’s included. – Sign up for a Premium membership here.


Since you made it this far in reading my review, let me give you a detailed walkthrough video on what’s in the inside. Click the picture below:


Wealthy Affiliate was established way back in 2005. Do you think that a business like this will survive up to this day if it’s not offering a great value to the members?

If you want to have an online business, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you. You can earn as much as you want, whenever and wherever.

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After creating your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Account, I can assure you that I’ll be closely monitoring your success. I’ll guide you in the right direction so you’ll not be lost in your training. If within 7 days you upgrade to a Premium Membership, you’ll also get the following:

  • Your 1st month is only $19, a 59% discount!
  • Personal coaching from me
  • Steve’s “Business From Scratch” – a tutorial that can help clear up confusion for any newbie when it comes to picking a niche and starting a website
  • Rebecca’s “How to Quickly Identify your Online Money Making Niche” – learn how to pick the best niche for you!
  • Jay’s Live Case Study in Real Time – actually watch an expert build a niche website!

I hope I have you given you an offer you can’t refuse. I’m really committed to see you succeed once and for all!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here Today!

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TrafficWave Autoresponder Review

Product Name: TrafficWave Autoresponder
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: 30-day free trial and 17.95 monthly after trial
Owners: Brian Ronney
Website: Click Here


Since 2000, TrafficWave has been providing online business owners and internet marketers with an excellent Autoresponder, Email Marketing, and Contact Management System. As such they are one of the pioneers in helping people build their customer lists.

Not only that, TrafficWave has the best and most lucrative compensation plan that you just cannot get with any other autoresponder. More on this later.

Let me share with you my personal experience using this autoresponder.


Pros – some awesome features and benefits

  • Unlimited Campaign

You can create unlimited campaign. This is the only autoresponder that offers this service.

  • Ad tracking

Want to know which ads of yours are working, then statistics are there for you. How cool is that?

  • Unlimited List

Do you want 50 subscribers in your mailing list? No problem, that’s a breeze. How about 50,000 subscribers? The system can also handle that.

  • Unlimited Broadcast

You can contact your subscribers any number of time and provide them with your offer and valuable services.

  • Email Personalization

Let’s face it, your subscriber wants to be called using their name. Use this feature to be closer to them to increase your sales.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

Even a newbie or complete beginner can use the system. Just follow the steps and you are good to go.

  • Lots Of Email Templates

Depending on you, you can choose from a variety of format or templates in sending our email to your subscribers.

  • Newsletter Analytics Such as (Email Bounce, Clickthrough, Newsletter Open, Unsubscribe, Complaint and lot of)

Analytics is a powerful add-on to your campaign. In a simple glance, you’ll see what emails of yours are effective and which are not.

  • High deliverability Rates

It’s a double opt-in system so the customers that are in your mailing list are really interested to be there. They do want to see what you have to offer them and will surely read your email. I tested this myself.

  • Very lucrative Compensation Plan

As far as I know this is the only autoresponder that gives you a chance for residual income of up to $88,587 per month. Allow me to explain how this works in the next section.

  • Cheapest Flat Rate of S17.95

Search the internet and look for an autoresponder with all the Pros I can mention above and see if you can find anything close to the real deal that TrafficWave is giving you.

Cons – Yes, nobody’s perfect

  • No facility for Single Opt-In

Only Double Opt-In is available. What this means is, your subscriber has to confirmed first their email address before being subscribed to your list. Some internet marketers do not like this, while others do see this as an advantage. Why? Because you will have a much ‘cleaner’ list.

TrafficWave vs GetResponse vs Aweber

  • GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse Pricing
  • Aweber Pricing:

Aweber Pricing


  • TrafficWave Pricing: Fixed to $17.95, no subscribers limit.


  • Entertainers
  • Restaurant owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Publishers
  • Network marketers
  • Retailers
  • Web Designers
  • Essentially anyone and everyone who has a customer list or who wants to build their own customer list.

If you have been marketing online, I suppose you already know that the money is on the list. Statistics shows that at least you have to follow up with your customer 7 times before they decide to buy your products or services.

The bottom line is, TrafficWave is for everyone who is serious in online marketing.


  • Reminder System

You can use this system to schedule any of your important task with regards to your TrafficWave campaign

  • Comprehensive Training Tutorials

Are you a newbie? Don’t worry, inside the Membership portal you will find a complete tutorials to help you in any area you are stuck with.


  • Training Articles
  • Training Wiki
  • Discussion Forum
  • Blog
  • Support Ticket in using the system. I never had a chance though to use any of them as using the system is pretty obvious because of the step-by-step guide inside.


This is the real icing on the cake. You as TrafficWave affiliate can earn an extra income if you refer others to sign up in TrafficWave.

The affiliate plan uses a 3 x 10 forced matrix structure. It means if you sponsor more than 3 people, those you sponsor will be under downline. You will get commissions up to 10 levels deep.

You may not fill up those 3 x 10 matrix to earn $88,587 per month but hey a couple of hundred dollars per month is still money on the table, right?




  • FREE for 1st month and full system is already available to you! Keep your credit card in your pocket. 🙂
  • $17.95 per month after the 1st month

Compare the price of TrafficWave with other autoresponders in the market. This is the most affordable.


I have been using TrafficWave for years and nothing come close with regards to the price and the essential features of what an autoresponder is supposed to do.

If you want to get a full pledged autoresponder without destroying your pocket, TrafficWave is for you.

Plus you may also earn some good money by referring others to use TrafficWave too. That’s a real deal if you will ask me.

Create Your FREE Account Now!

Recently I meet one of my former friends in High School in Facebook.

He happened to bump into one of my Facebook fan pages and noticed that I have been advocating investing into the Philippine Stock Market.

He sent me a private message asking me if it’s good to invest in the Philippines or in the U.S.

I learned that he now lives in the U.S. and is carefully eyeing to try the stock market there.

By reading several of my posts, he already has some knowledge of the Strategic Averaging Method (or SAM, a variant and improved version of Dollar or Peso Cost Averaging) of TrulyRichClub and he wants to know if it can be applied in the U.S. Stock Market. (Unlike the ordinary Cost Averaging Method, SAM has 2 unique features: Buy Below Price and Target Price. You buy if the stock price is still below the “Buy Below Price”, and sell only when the stock price reaches the “Target Price. Click here for a more detailed explanation of SAM).

I told him the truth that “Dollar Cost Averaging Method” is best applied in the Philippine Stock Market. Why? Because unlike U.S., the Philippines has a growing young population.

Statistics show that in America and Canada the population’s average age is 38 and 41 years old respectively. That’s not a very young workforce that’s fueling the economy. Their economy only continues to grow because of constant influx of migrants. As long as the trend of the migrants coming in, one can safely invest there using the “Dollar Cost Averaging Method”. A rough estimate of 9% interest per year growth of your investment is achievable.

When you compare that to the Philippine Stock Market, our workforce’s average age is 24 years old. That’s a huge and young labor force entering the economy. More labor force means more consumers fueling the economy which means more growth potential for the economy. Long term, it’s safe to conclude an upward trend for the stock market on the average. Using the Peso Cost Averaging Method, experts says the 12% interest per year growth of one’s investment is easily achievable.

The good news is by using TrulyRichClub’s Strategic Averaging Method instead of the regular Peso Cost Averaging Method, the 12% interest per year grown is easily beatable. In fact last year’s growth of TrulyRichClub’s members investment is around 17%.

Bottom line is, I suggested to my friend to invest instead into our very own Philippine Stock Market under the guidance of TrulyRichClub. It’s the best place to invest long term.

If you have some questions or concerns, drop me a comment below. I’ll be very happy to help you get started. Or if you want you can communicate with me privately using the form in the “Contact Us” page.

All the best,


P.S. There are at least 11 benefits you will get from signing up with TrulyRichClub. Do you know what are they? Click here for my comprehensive review.

P.P.S. You may also check my #1 Recommended Training Program. This is where you will be taught how to have a solid online business. Click here to get started.