Three Types Of Rich People*

Three Types of Rich People*

We define people either rich or poor. But it isn’t as simple as that. If you say, “He’s rich,” I’ll ask you, “What kind?”

You see, there are three types of rich people in the world today.

1. Filthy Rich

This is the greedy, selfish, and corrupt person.

Filthy Rich PersonThis is the main reason why people say, “Money does not buy happiness.” Because the filthy rich are miserable
people. They’re so absorbed by their wealth, they become like Gollum in the movie, The Lord of the Rings.
Remember him? The precious ring took over his life. He stopped eating. He stopped sleeping. And he became a
monster. The ring became so powerful, it controlled him. And he killed his friend just to possess it. But in reality, the ring
possessed him.

Some rich people act like Gollum. Their money eats them up.

Yes, You Can Be Happy Without Money, But…

Money doesn’t make you happy.

Recently, they asked 150,000 people from all over the world, “Are you happy?” The top 10 happiest countries in the world include Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad, Thailand, Guatemala, Philippines, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Every time they do these studies, the Philippines is always included in the top 10 happiest countries in the world. But always absent from that list are the wealthy nations like Japan, Canada, Australia, and America. And who ranked the unhappiest? Singapore — one of the most prosperous countries in Asia. In fact, very wealthy countries like Germany and France tied in 47th place together with poverty-stricken Somalia.

So yes, it’s true, money does not buy happiness.

But in saying that, people come up with a crazy conclusion: “Because money doesn’t buy happiness, don’t try to become rich, because it won’t make you happy.”

Huh? Does that have logic? Yes, it has. Terrible logic!

Because being filthy rich isn’t the only way to become rich. Let’s go to the second type of rich people in the world.

2. Guilty Rich

Let me tell you a story.

Guilty rich personOne day, a thirtyish woman walked up to me and asked if she could talk to me. When we were in a quiet corner, she said, “Bro. Bo, can you pray for me? I feel so unhappy. I know I’m supposed to be happy, but I’m not…”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

She said, “Well, for the first time in my life, I’m earning a lot of money. I got a new job last year and I got this huge raise. They tripled my salary, Bro. Bo. I couldn’t believe it. Plus they gave a big bonus upon entering the company. I’m supposed to be ecstatic. But why don’t I feel happy at all?”

I asked my usual “check-up” questions — whether there was anything wrong with her relationships, her marriage, her spiritual life, etc. But she told me that everything about her life was rosy. So it was
even more intriguing why she felt unhappy.

And then an idea came to my mind. I asked her, “Are you comfortable with earning a lot of money?”

That question hit the bullseye. This woman had a toxic relationship with money.I learned that when she was a child, her parents taught her to look at money as something bad. Even thinking of money was bad. Talking about money was
bad. And all rich people were bad people. They never talked about money except in a negative way. So etched deep in her subconscious, she believed that money was the devil itself.

So in her heart, she felt very guilty earning a lot of money.

She was more comfortable with poverty than prosperity. Because of her newfound wealth, she was living in foreign territory. And anything that was unfamiliar was frightening.

I actually had to pray for her deliverance, to drive out the wrong beliefs from her mind. I told her to read my books,
8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire, and How to Prosper, and immerse her mind in a new way of thinking, and hopefully become the third type of rich people.

3. Truly Rich

Truly Rich PeopleYes, I agree that money doesn’t buy happiness.

But here’s the thing:

Who said that God designed money to buy happiness?

God never designed money to buy happiness. God designed money to increase helpfulness.

Don’t make happiness your purpose in life. If you do, you’ll never be happy. This is the principle of obliquity. Instead
of pursuing happiness, pursue your purpose in life — helping others, serving others, caring for others, living for others
— and you’ll achieve happiness.

First, God gives you money to help your family.

Truly Rich People Help Their Family

The Bible says, “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8, NIV).

Sadly, statistics say that 70 percent of single-parent families are without a father. That means that many fathers
have abandoned their children.

Like my friend, a single mom with two kids. Three years ago, she called me up and said, “Freddie ran away with another girl.” For the past three years, Freddie has not sent a single peso to support his ex-wife and kids. I couldn’t believe it. But this scenario is very common.

There’s so much problems in this world: poverty, war, corruption. But I believe that the problem of this world is a fatherhood problem. The father isn’t taking spiritual and financial responsibility for his family.

When I talk to fathers, I tell them that the two critical roles of a father are: (1) to train his kids how to love God; and  (2) to train his kids how to earn money. Many fathers fail in both counts. That’s why rich families become poor, and poor families remain poor.

But helping your family isn’t enough.

That’s why you need to earn more. I believe God wants to bless you more so that you can help your bigger family.

Truly Rich People Help Their Bigger Family

After Cain killed Abel, God asked Cain where his brother was. And Cain said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

That penetrating question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is found in the first book of the Bible. And I believe that for
the rest of the Bible, God is answering that question with a resounding, loud, thundering, “yes!”

I have had the privilege to talk to Nanay Socorro Ramos, the owner of National Bookstore. As an 18-year-old girl,
she sold books in a tiny bookstore during the Japanese war. Today, National Bookstore is the largest bookstore chain in
the Philippines, with more than 150 branches all over the country.

While chatting together, Nanay Coring pulled me closer to herself and whispered, “Bro. Bo, I want to tell you something. Do you know that it will be better for me if I just invest all my money, earn from the interest, and just retire and live an easy life? If I do that, I won’t have to deal with the BIR, Customs, mall rentals, etc. But I can’t do that. Because there are 4,300-plus employees who depend on this business. Their families need this business. So here I am, over 90 years old, still going to work every day, Monday to Saturday!”

Why I’m Happier

Money does not make you happy. I realized that money can only make you happy if you were happy before you got the money.

Once upon a time, I was poor and happy. Today, I’m rich and happier. I’m happier not just because I can afford to
buy stuff. (OK, I must admit that’s a nice bonus.) I’m happier because I can help my bigger family.

When I was a poor missionary, I could only feed one family.

Every day, when I went to Mass, I remember passing by this poor family actually in the doorsteps of the church.
They were so poor, they had nothing to eat. Every so often, I’d dig from my pocket, go to the next-door bakery, and buy
them some bread. That was their breakfast.

But I couldn’t do it regularly. Because there were days when I really had nothing.

Today, I run a few businesses. And I have over 100 people working for me, either full-time or part-time.
When I was poor, I could feed one family. Now that I am no longer poor, I can feed more than 100 families.

Isn’t this a fantastic reason to be Truly Rich?

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the wealth. Goodness, it’s not even about you! It’s about God. It’s about
love. It’s about service. It’s about dying to yourself so that others may live.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


*Source: Wealth Strategies Newsletter of TrulyRichClub – Issue Number 224 – July 2017

Choose Growth Over Wealth*

You always have to choose growth over money.

If God stood before you and showed you two doors—the door that led to personal growth and the door that led to personal riches—which door would you choose?

Here’s my strong advice:

Always choose growth. In the end, if you chose growth, money will follow. But if you choose money, growth won’t follow.

One day, I preached about dreaming big and asking big. After my talk, a man came up to me and said, “Bo, thanks for that talk! I’m now going to pray that I’ll win the P100M lotto prize!”

Lotto Jackpot

I told him, “Don’t pray that you win the lotto.”

“Why?” he asked.

I told him, “Because lotto gives you money. Only. But when you earn money through your job, or your business, or your investment, you create something more than money. You develop your capacities, your character, your confidence, your connections, your consciousness. You create growth. That’s much bigger than money.”

So when people ask that they win in raffles or the lotto, they’re asking small. I tell them to ask bigger.

Abraham Chooses Growth

In the Bible, there’s a powerful story of Uncle Abraham and his nephew Lot.

When Abraham moved to Canaan, he brought his nephew Lot with him. Both Abaham and Lot grew wealthy, expanding their livestock and servants. But that was now the problem. The land they were staying on could not support both their animals. So they had to separate and choose their respective territories.

The ticklish question was this: One land was better than the other. Who gets the first pick?

I imagined that the question was a no-brainer. Abraham was older. He had the authority in the family. He could simply pull his weight around and say, “Lot, I’m taking Forbes Park. You get the land that gets flooded 16 times a year.”

But Abraham didn’t do that. Instead, he took the hit. He decided to give the best land to his nephew. He chose growth over money. Abraham said, Take your choice of any section of the land you want, and we will separate. If you want that part over there to the east, then I’ll stay here in the western section. Or, if you want the west, then I’ll go over there to the east (Genesis 13:9).

He chose growth over money. When he gave the best to Lot, he chose selflessness, kindness, goodness, maturity… love.

After Abraham chose growth, the money followed. God said, “Look as far as you can see in every direction, for I am going to give it all to you and your descendants” (Genesis 13:14-15).


This choice happened to Solomon too…

Solomon Chooses Growth

King Solomon

One night, God appeared to him and said, “Ask me for anything, and I will give it to you!” (2 Chronicles 1:7). Gollygee, if God said that to you, what would you ask for?

Solomon didn’t ask for wealth or fame. He said, “Give me wisdom so I can rule the people you have given me.”

And because of that, God said, Yes, I am giving you the wisdom and knowledge you asked for! And I am also giving you riches, wealth, and honor such as no other king has ever had before you! (2 Chronicles 1:12).

He chose growth over money, but money followed anyway.


Because money is simply a symbol of value. And because growth creates value, money has to follow.

Friend, perhaps there’s a choice that you’re making right now—a choice between growth or money.

Always choose growth over money.

See Everything as Training

Then David spoke to Saul

“My lord should not lose heart. Let your servant go up and fight this Philistine. But Saul answered David, “You cannot go up against this Philistine and fight with him, for you are only a youth, while he has been a warrior from his youth. Then David told Saul. Your servant used to tend sheep, and whenever a lion or bear came to carry off a sheep from the flock, I would chase after it, attack it, and snatch the prey from its mouth…. Your servant has killed both lion and a bear. This uncircumcised Philistine will be one of them because he has insulted the armies of the living God.” (1 Samuel 17: 32-35)

Success is all about training.

Why do I say that? Because you don’t win wars in the battlefield. The secret of winning is winning the battle before the battle begins. And you do that through training.

David already won the battle with Goliath long before the battle began with Goliath. When? When he was a shepherd, fighting lions and bears.

Note: He didn’t have to fight those wild beasts. He could have just run away and told his father, “Dad, it was terrible! There were lions and bears that attacked the sheep! I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless. And it’s your fault, Dad. You didn’t train me. I wish you gave me a machine gun or a bazooka.”

David didn’t do that. He didn’t blame others. He didn’t run away. He fought.

He took the challenge.

David was a lowly shepherd. Today, the picture of a shepherd is romantic—a bearded guy that looks like Brad Pitt, carrying a cute lamb on his massive shoulders.

But in biblical times, shepherds didn’t conjure this pretty picture. Shepherds were in the lowest class of society. Shepherds were dirty, grimy, smelly—just a little bit better than beggars.

But David saw his being a lowly shepherd as God’s training for higher things.


He decided he was going to be the best shepherd in Israel. For David, his shepherding was training to be the best fighter in Israel—and later on—the best king of Israel.

TrainingSee everything as God’s training.

Are you a janitor? Be the best janitor in the world. Are you a messenger? Be the best messenger in the world. Are you a clerk? Be the best clerk in the world. Sooner than you think God will promote you.

Are you a clerk now but desire to be a manager? Then dress up like a manager, talk like a manager, be responsible like a manager, be proactive like a manager, be excellent like a manager—and sooner or later—you’ll become a manager.

Are you dealing with a difficult boss? See that as God’s training. Are you dealing with a difficult customer? See that as God’s training. Are you dealing with a difficult team? See that as God’s training.

Win the battle before the battle begins.

See everything as God’s training.

Keep Adding These 5 Trainings into Your Life

Money is a symbol of value.

The only way to add income into your life is to add value to the life of others. But the only way to add value to others is to first add value to your life.

Why? Because you cannot give what you do not have.

So keep adding value.

How? Get training.

Here are 5 Trainings that you can add into your life…

1. Add Experience

What experience can you add into your life?

Experience is not the greatest teacher in the world. Reflected experience is.

Failure and SuccessSo say “Yes” to experience. Get involved. Jump in. Volunteer. And then reflect on your successes and failures, especially on your failures. Between success and failure, failure is the greater teacher.

Specifically, say “Yes” to two kinds of experience: (1) Service and (2) Sales.

I had a reunion with a bunch of former youth leaders in the Light of Jesus Family who were no longer young at all, but already business leaders and owners and managers. (Believe me, I never felt so old. I met them as teenagers—but now, their kids are teenagers. Ugh.)

One guy told me, “Brother Bo, my service in Light of Jesus shaped me.

Because I volunteered in the youth ministry, I gained confidence to lead people, to speak in front of people, to organize events, to coordinate multiple tasks—I thank God I said yes to service.”

Friend, say “Yes” to service.

And say “Yes” to sales too.

Because business is selling.

Just for the experience alone, I tell people to get a part-time selling job.

Or join an MLM company. Yes, get rejected a million times—it’s good for your character.

Find a way to sell something one-to-one, face-to-face, belly-to-belly.

One of my first businesses was selling herbal juice for an MLM company.

Fact: Many great entrepreneurs have “sales blood” running through their veins.

One day, I was talking to the Chairman of the Board of a humongous company. He was a billionaire. But I caught him in the act, talking to a potential customer, selling his products.

It was so hilarious. But I loved watching him. No wonder he’s so successful. Despite his billions, despite his stature, he was still selling.

2. Add Experts

Who are your mentors?

The Bible says, When fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher (Luke 6:40).

But how can you be trained if you don’t have mentors?

When someone tells me, “I started a business!” and I usually say, “Great! Who’s your mentor?” and I get totally shell-shocked when they look at me with a blank stare, like I said, “Who’s your Nephrologist?”

Finally, they mumble, “Uh, none…” And I groan. Six months later, their business vanishes from the face of the earth.

Read carefully.

The biggest reason businesses fail is pride. How come? Businesses fail because they don’t listen to a mentor—someone who is already successful in that business—guiding them.

That’s why Proverbs says, Without the guidance of good leaders a nation falls. But many good advisers can save it (Proverbs 11:14).

Hey, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you can’t just hang out with employees. You need to start hanging out with successful entrepreneurs. They think differently. They look at the world differently. Find them. Search for them. Look for them. Listen to them. And make them your friends.

By the way, consulting experts and mentors need not be face-to-face encounters.

For example, each year, I attend two to three international conferences. I love it. I soak it all in. It’s not an option for me. It’s a must. Add to that, I also watch a ton of video seminars, I read a lot of books, and I listen to audio talks.

3. Add Expertise

What new skills can you learn?

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to write. When I was in college, I took up English 103, an essay-writing subject. Every essay I wrote came back to me with a big letter F on it. (By the way, F didn’t mean Fantastic.) I had to learn how to write. And after writing 36 bestselling books, I’m still learning.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to do corporate talks. Because all I knew to do was give talks in prayer meetings. Which was very, very, very easy. These were happy people who would applaud me every time I said, “Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!” These were happy people who would sing, “Lululalu, la-lulalulalei, lalulalula-lulalula-lei…”

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how to invest in the stock market. I had to attend seminars, read books, and get a mentor. Today, I teach thousands how to do it.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know anything about Facebook. But I realized it was the language of the young and I had to learn it because I want to use it to spread my message, my ministry, and my business. Now, I’ve got over a million FB followers.

What skills do you need to learn?

4. Add Execution

One of the reasons people don’t become entrepreneurs is they’re all plans and talk and dreams but no execution.

The Bible says, Faith without works is dead (James 2:26). If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to pull the trigger.

The Bible says, He who observes the wind [and waits for all conditions to be favorable] will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap (Ecclesiastes 11:4). Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect before launching. They never will be.

What should you do?

Start small—and correct along the way.

Once upon a time, there was a mother who started baking ensaymadas—and her kids loved them, and her relatives loved them, and her friends loved them. So this mother made the leap of faith and sold her ensaymadas in a tiangge. The first time she joined one, she couldn’t sell a single ensaymada. By the end of the day, she gave them away.

5. Add Excellence

ExcellenceExcellence in two aspects:

In your skill and in your character. Especially in your character.

Every single day, add more humility, more kindness, more integrity, more purity, and more honesty in your life.

Why? Because the 5 P’s of your business—your patrons (customers) and personnel (staff) and providers (suppliers) and powers (regulators) and partners (co-owners) will always be asking you one question: “Can I trust you?”

If the answer is yes, your business will flourish.

If the answer is no, your business will die.

Keep Adding This One Thing…

My final advice?

If business is about love, then the greatest thing you can add into your life is the Love of Jesus. Let His love flood your heart. So that you have love to give to the “5 Ps” of your business.

Jesus was an entrepreneur for 17 years.

He understands that world.

Talk to Him now.

Let Him love you now.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


*Source: Wealth Strategies Newsletter of TrulyRichClub – Issue Number 218 – January 2017

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

This is true especially when you face problems.

When you try to solve your problems, don’t lean on your own understanding. Rather, look for God-solutions, because they’re so much better than your solutions.

The young Moses leaned on his own understanding. He made the mistake of being impulsive, of being rash and using his own solutions.

“One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out to where his own people were and watched them at their hard labor. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people. Glancing this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand….” (Exodus 2:11-12)

Moses’ problem was that his people were being maltreated — and that’s a wrong. So his quick solution was to kill the Egyptian, an instant solution that satisfied his desire for justice. But killing was another “wrong.” It moves the situation from bad to worse.

Moses made a very common mistake we all do: He tried to right a wrong with another wrong.

But that’s crazy. Two wrongs don’t cancel each other out. If you try to right a wrong with another wrong, the two wrongs add to each other’s wrongness and make the situation 100 times worse.

Let me give you a Math lesson today:

-10 + -10 will never be a 10.

-10 + -10 will equal -20.

For a -10 to become a +10, you need to add a +20.

(Yahoo! I got a failing grade in Math in school, so giving you a Math lesson today gives me the heebeejeebies. Miracles happen.)

Let me say it loud and clear: You can’t right a wrong with another wrong.

You can only right a wrong with a massive right. God had a God-solution to the slavery of the Israelites. But it wasn’t instant. The God-solution was to send Moses to Pharaoh and negotiate the release of the Jewish people. It required 10 miraculous signs, a number of back-and-forth conference calls through Skype and e-mail, and a dramatic escape scene in the Red Sea. It would take a loooooong time.

Moses Parting Red Sea

Here’s what I learned: The best solutions are not rushed. The best solutions require a lot of patience, humility, and trust in God.

Right now, you may be facing a big problem in your life. Don’t right a wrong with another wrong. Don’t cheat. Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Don’t manipulate. Don’t do anything bad. It will never work — even if it appears fast.

God is telling you that He will provide a solution to your problem. It will be a God-solution. Be patient. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Three Kinds of Solutions

I’d like to talk about God’s solutions to your problems.

Dreams can come from Pride or Purpose.

In the same way, solutions can come from Pride or Purpose, too.

But let me add another source of solutions: Passivity.

I need to include Passivity because when I say, “Trust in the Lord,” some people hear, “Don’t do anything…” Not true!

1. Passivity

Do you know this type of person?

He doesn’t do anything to solve his problem. He’ll just wait for others to solve it for him. He is afflicted with low self-worth and feels he can’t do anything. He feels he is a victim and totally helpless. He is conditioned and trained to be a parasite, totally dependent on others — friends, relatives, spiritual community, the government, or even God Himself. Yes, he can be a religious person who thinks that holiness means doing nothing and waiting on God to do everything.

Imagine a brick wall. The wall blocks his path to his dreams. This passive person sits in front of that wall and just waits for a miracle to make the wall disappear. He waits for a storm to blow the wall down, or an earthquake to tear it down, or even the finger of God to appear from nowhere, flick the wall, and topple it down. Nenita was such a person…

But God Wants You to Be Part of the Solution

Every time Nenita needed money, she came to me. At first, she asked me money for food, transportation, tuition fees. Later on, I noticed she came to me asking for other things, like dental treatments, beauty parlor visits, manicure, pedicure, and foot spa. (OK, I’m exaggerating. But you get my point?)

Every time I talked to her, I challenged her to find a job, or sell something, or explore tiny business ventures. I gave her a list of people to talk to, phone numbers to call, jobs to apply for.

But nothing happened. Every time she talked to me, it was always to give me a long list of excuses why she couldn’t get a job. “Brother Bo, I was going to apply for work yesterday but it was too hot and I felt dizzy…” and “Brother Bo, I was going for a job interview yesterday but I didn’t have anything to wear…” and “Brother Bo, I am going to look for a job tomorrow but I don’t have anyone to accompany me…”

Do you know what Nenita wanted? She wanted a job to fall from the sky on a silver platter — and all she had to do was receive it.

But that’s not how life works, because if it did, you will never grow. God gives you solutions to your problems, but He wants you to be part of the solution. Trusting in the Lord means not just praying with trust but also acting with trust. Now that clarification is over, let me go to the main message:

Your solutions can come from your Pride or your Purpose…

2. Pride

You can solve your problems operating from ego. Operating from arrogance. Operating from pride. Operating from impatience. But it will have catastrophic results.


The young Moses saw his people maltreated and his solution was to kill the Egyptian. Solutions that come from Pride violate God’s ways. Remember my analogy of the brick wall? Proud people, in a fit of impatience, will attack the wall without much discernment. I imagine these people getting boxes of dynamite and blowing up the wall, without even checking if others will be injured or killed. In the process, they destroy not only the wall that blocks their dream, but they end up destroying the dream itself. You don’t want that. You want your solution to come from Purpose…

3. Purpose

Do you want a God-solution?

Let me teach you how to get it. What I am about to tell you is a very powerful spiritual principle that will save you from a lot of useless pain in the future. (I wish someone told me this truth 20 years ago!)

Are you ready?

Here it is: Don’t focus on your problem; focus on your purpose.

In other words, don’t focus on the brick wall; don’t focus on attacking the brick wall; don’t focus on destroying the brick wall; don’t focus on disintegrating the brick wall; Instead, focus on the dream behind that brick wall. When you do this, many times the God-solution will make your problem irrelevant. From experience, you don’t have to blow up the brick wall. All you have to do is find a way around the brick wall.

Taxes or Profits?

I’m an entrepreneur. I always hear entrepreneurs complain about the Bureau of Internal Revenue raising taxes. Hey, I think it’s too high, too. Personally, I think that if taxes are too high, it won’t encourage entrepreneurs to create more jobs. But some entrepreneurs focus on the high taxes and get fixated (obsessed) on lowering them. They get agitated and irritated every time they remember the high taxes they pay.

I don’t do any of that. My focus is on my purpose: to serve my customers and create profit. I want 100 percent of my energy and attention on this purpose, not on complaining about my taxes. So instead of finding ways to decrease my taxes by one percent or two percent or three percent, my focus is on doubling my profits next year, making high taxes irrelevant to me.

I cannot begin to tell you how this attitude is absolutely liberating for me as an entrepreneur. Instead of being filled with a complaining, bickering spirit, which doesn’t attract wealth, I’m filled with an entrepreneur’s energy, passion, creativity — because my focus is on purpose, not on problem.

Collecting Debts?

Has someone borrowed money from you and has not been paying?

I know of some people who get so bothered by these debts, they spend their entire time collecting them. In other words, they focus on their problem.

Debt Free

I feel that’s mostly a waste of time. I always advise these people to put their attention and energies elsewhere: to earn sevenfold of whatever money they lost. This will make them focus on their purpose, not on their problem. Just learn your lesson and collect the money you lost elsewhere from God’s universe.

Instead of being eaten up by bitterness, this will free you up to focus fully on earning money and enjoying life more. Result? When you earn whatever you lost sevenfold, the uncollected debts become irrelevant to your life.

Don’t Rush Solving Your Problems

Let’s say you’re driving to work. And you’re late. If you keep driving the way you usually drive, you’ll be late by five minutes.

Your solution? Drive like a maniac. Swerve recklessly. Switch lanes. Cut down other drivers. Break the speed limit. And violate traffic laws.

But because you’re driving like a madman, you cause an accident. You hit another car, and another car hits you. In the accident, you break your arm, leg, and neck.

Result? Instead of being late for five minutes, you’re late for five months — because you have to stay in the hospital and recover from all your broken bones.

This is a perfect analogy for solutions that come from Pride. Any solution born out of Pride — though it appears fast — is really delaying your real solution.

Why Scams Are Hot

Haven’t you noticed? The Philippines is the home of blockbuster scams. All scams exported to our country achieve massive success. Why? Because we’re impatient in growing our money the right way.

Tell me, why did 15,000 people get burned in Aman Futures? Aman Futures was a pyramiding scam or a ponzi scheme in Mindanao that duped their investors of P12 Billion.

How did that happen?

Because people were in a hurry to earn a lot of money, and Aman Futures was promising an interest of 50 to 80 percent in 18 to 20 days. That’s more than 1,000 percent a year. How in the world can a business give that kind of profit?

I teach people how to invest in the stock market. It’s a long-term, monotonous, automatic, mechanical strategy that makes you earn 12 percent or more each year. Compared to Aman Futures’ 1,000 percent interest, my promises are utterly and completely boring.

I admit, it’s slow. But it works. (The star of my book, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market, is doing very well. My maid — whom I promoted to bookkeeper — now has over a million in her stock market portfolio. Believe me, it works.)

Speed Doesn’t Matter If…

One day, I was rushing to EDSA Shangri-La Hotel for a meeting. My driver did a great job weaving through the traffic because it took us only 30 minutes from my house to the hotel. When I arrived there, I sat down in the lobby and saw none of the people I was supposed to meet. I wondered why, because I wasn’t early. So I called up my friend.

He said, “Hi, Bo, we’re all here.

Where are you?” I asked,  “You’re all here? I don’t see you…”

“I’m going to stand up. I’m wearing a red shirt,” he said.

I looked around and couldn’t find him.

I said, “Gosh, are you sure you’re in EDSA Shang?”

“Bo, we’re in Makati Shangri-La…”

“Oh no!”

Here’s my point: Our car flew through traffic. But it didn’t matter, because we went to the wrong place.

I solved my problem. But I didn’t fulfill my purpose.

Why? Precisely because I was focused on my problem, not my purpose.

99 Percent of the Time, God Is Never in a Hurry

We’re an impatient bunch of people.

We want things done fast.

But the older I get, the more I realize that when God works in my life, He’s never in a hurry.

Just look at my weaknesses. God and I have been working on my weaknesses for the past 30 years. But by golly gee, they’re still here! Sure, there’s a lot of improvement — I’m not the same person that I was 30 years ago. But why does transformation take sooooooo long? Can God not just zap my weaknesses? And change me in a snap of a finger?

God can do that but He doesn’t. Because God values development more than the destination, the trip more than the target. And because He is never in a hurry, His solutions are always long-term — never short-term.

The key is to use a God-solution.

God’s Solution Is Right in Front of You

God promises solutions to your problems.

In the Old Testament, when Hagar thought she and her child were going to die from thirst, she saw God’s solution right in front of her: “Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. So she went and filled the skin with water and gave the boy a drink” (Genesis 21:19).

The solution was right in front of her. She just couldn’t see it.

Do this little exercise with me…

Dots Puzzle

Without lifting your pencil from the paper, draw four straight lines that connect ALL nine dots. (The creative solution is found on the opposite page. But don’t look at it yet without trying to solve it yourself. You’ll be amazed at the simple solution.)

Are you stumped?

Keep trying before looking at the answer below.

The solution is right in front of you. You just don’t see it.

Give up?

Here it is…

Dots Solution

Right now, you may be stumped with your own problem. You may be facing your brick wall and you don’t see how you can go around it.

Friend, believe today that God will open your eyes to see the solution that is right in front of you.

Let me repeat: Don’t focus on your problem; focus on your purpose. Don’t focus on the wall, or destroying the wall, or conquering the wall. Simply focus on the dream behind the wall — and you’ll find a new way to achieve that dream.

Don’t rush. Don’t be impulsive. Give yourself time to think. Give yourself time to be. Give yourself time to discern.

The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10). And in His presence, He will tell you what to do. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding. And you will see a God-solution to your problem.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


*Source: Wealth Strategies Newsletter of TrulyRichClub, Issue 223, June 2017

I need you to read my essay very carefully.

Because  you  need  to  understand  how  terrific  your investment  strategy  is  compared  to  other  strategies  out there.

In the TrulyRichClub, you use the Strategic Averaging Method  (SAM).  It’s  an  improved  version  of  the  Peso  Cost Averaging Method.

Why   is   SAM   better   than   Peso   Cost   Averaging?

Answer: Because you’ll earn more. How much more? In the long term (20 years or more), you’ll earn MANY MILLIONS more.

Let me explain why.

In  the  Peso  Cost  Averaging  Method,  the  investor buys  stocks  of  gigantic  companies  on  a  regular  basis  (for example,   monthly),   always buying,   never   selling—for decades. He just buys, buys, buys.

In SAM, the investor also buys the stocks of gigantic companies each month for many decades, but we do two things differently:

  1. We sell when we believe the share price is very expensive (it hits or goes above our Target Price). This is like  a  “reset”.  Because  when  we  sell,  we get  our  cash  back  and  start  deploying  again  to  cheaper  stocks slowly.
  2. We buy only if the price is cheap (we only buy if the price is below our Buy-Below Price).

These two big differences will give you superior returns.

Note: This won’t be obvious in the first five years of investing.  But it will become very obvious after the fifth or sixth or seventh year… Because at a certain point, Peso Cost Averaging becomes almost a Buy-And-Hold Strategy. (Buy-And-Hold  Strategy  is  another  method  of  investing  where  you  plunk  a  huge  amount  and  buy  a  stock—and don’t do anything anymore afterwards.)

Why  is  the  Peso  Cost  Averaging  almost  like  a  Buy-And-Hold  Strategy?  Let’s  say  you  invest  P5000  a  month faithfully.  After  20  years  of investing,  your  money  would  have  grown  to  P5  Million.  So  your  monthly  investment (P5000) is now only 0.1 percent of your total portfolio.
It won’t make a dent anymore. So it’s almost like a Buy-And-Hold Strategy.

But if you follow SAM and—at very strategic times sell portions of your portfolio—you actually multiply your returns because you can buy more stocks at cheaper prices.

I believe that SAM will increase your average growth by a few percentage points. I love giving this example: If a woman at age 25 invests P3000 a month, by the time she retires at 65, she would have P30 million—if her stock market investments grew by an average of 12 percent a year. But if she uses SAM and nudges her average growth upward by just 2 percent, it’ll be glorious. At 14 percent growth, she won’t have P30 Million, she’ll have P55 Million.

NOTE: In the past four years, if TrulyRichClub members simply followed our instructions, our average growth has been 17 percent-plus a year. It’s been pretty amazing.

Bottom line, I just want you to appreciate the powerful strategy that you’re using here at the TrulyRichClub.

Happy investing!

Bo Sanchez

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My friend in front of me was fidgeting. So I knew something was bothering him. We were having coffee in a little resto in Makati, and after greeting each other, he dove into the reason why he asked for a chat.

“Bo, I’m scared. I’m scared for the Philippines. And yes, I’m scared for our stock market. I just joined TRC early this year. Tell me, will the stock market go lower? Honestly, I just wish President Duterte stops talking. Every time he talks, the market goes lower!”

I laughed. “Let me clear the air. It’s more complicated than that. What you’re seeing in the Philippine Stock Market today is also a global phenomenon. Other countries’ stock markets are going down too. And we went down more compared to the other countries because the Philippines was more expensive—so naturally, we were sold by the foreign funds more than others. But yes, possibly a few foreign funds are pulling out because of perceived increase of political risk…”

My friend looked at me intently and asked, “Bo, I’m curious. Why don’t you look worried? Aren’t you scared at what will happen to the country? And don’t tell me, ‘I trust God, blah, blah,’ because I trust God too. But for one moment, forget that you’re a preacher and talk to me like you’re an ordinary guy.”

“Personally, I still believe the country will have great economic growth in the next 10 years. But the journey will be rough. And I’m not scared of rough waters. Here’s a little history lesson. In 1986, the Philippines suffered six coup d’etat. Six! It was absolute chaos. But at the worst possible time in the country, some wise investors—like my mentor—earned the most amount of money in the stock market.”

“ Wow.”

“So I’m not afraid of crisis. Yesterday, my conspiracy- obsessed friend told me that after the US elections is over and they have a new President, the CIA will do something about President Duterte…”

“Oh my gosh. What if that happens?”

“First of all, my friend believes in everything. He believed that Michael Jackson was an alien. And he believes Elvis Presley is still alive. He even showed me YouTube videos to prove it. But no matter what happens, the 10-year and 20-year progress of the Philippines is intact.”

“But even if these conspiracy theories won’t come true, do you think the market will go lower?”

“Yes, we believe it will still go lower. That’s why last August, we asked members to raise cash. We instructed our members to top slice—to sell 20 percent of their winners. And one week later, we instructed everyone to sell 40 percent.”

He nodded, “Yes, I remember you emailing us about that. And I sold some. Bo, I have one last question and I’ll shut up. If your prediction is that the market will go lower, shouldn’t we just wait for those lower prices before we start buying again?”

“Nope. We buy every month, remember?”

“Oh, right.”

“Stick to our system. Traders like guessing the bottom. We can’t. And we don’t. We just buy every month. You’ll be okay.”

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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Last week, I had lunch with two young guys who didn’t want to remain employees but want to start their own businesses.

So I gave them my most important advice: “Start selling.”

When they asked why, I explained, “The lifeblood of any business is sales. No sales, no income. It’s that simple.”

One of the young guys was blessed with parents who are successful real estate brokers. So I asked him, “Do you help your parents in selling?” He shook his head. “I didn’t think it was my cup of tea. I wanted to start something new. I wanted to use my skills as a writer and speaker. So I started a blog, wrote some articles, and volunteered as a speaker in the ministry…”

I told him, “Continue to write. Continue to speak. Every day.  But I strongly suggest that you start selling something. Anything.  Since your parents are already successful real estate brokers, your resources are right in front of you. Ask them to train you to sell homes. And do it. Make calls. Pass on leaflets. Knock on doors. Get rejected. Experience the sting. And sell again. And again. And again. Until you experience the thrill of a sale.”

Confession of a Salesman

I’m a salesman.

Sadly, “Salesman” is a curse word in some sectors of society.  In the Top 10 list of Most Shameful Professions in the world, “salesman” is next to “prostitute.”

But I’m a proud salesman.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been a missionary. And a missionary is a salesman for God. So for decades, I’ve had great practice.

And I found it very easy to “sell” God. Because there was no self-interest. Once people “bought” my fantastic “product,” the customer just thanked me. I don’t get paid. But when I became an entrepreneur, the money part of the transaction gave me the creeps. I was going to get paid! And so I was imagining that each of my customers was asking (silently), “Hmm, do you REALLY love me or do you just want to earn a quick buck?”

At the TrulyRichClub, I’m teaching you now that your answer to your customer SHOULD always be, “I love you. I really do. And yes, I will earn a buck in this transaction. So that I can feed my family, tithe to the ministry, and give to the poor. And a part of the buck I earn will still serve you, because it will go to developing better products that will serve you more (Also called R&D, or Research and Development).”

Selling SHOULD Be Your Number #1 Skill

When I think about it, 99 percent of all the successful entrepreneurs I know are fantastic sales people. They sell day in and day out. Before they are manufacturers, or inventors, or artists, or accountants, or managers—they are SALES PEOPLE first and foremost.

Years ago, I still had time to say “yes” to schools who invited me to be their Graduation Speaker. After the event, when those young, wet-behind-the-ears, fresh college grads (still wearing their togas) tell me they want to be entrepreneurs, I always tell them, “Get a sales job first! Even just for a year.” When they hear that, they wince. Some of them are revolted by the idea.

But that’s how I started as an entrepreneur. My one-year experience selling herbal products for an MLM company made me learn the psychology of selling products. I’ve moved out of that business a long time ago, but I’m VERY grateful for the experience of selling house-to-house, face-to-face, and belly-to-belly. Today, my sales letters are DYNAMITE because I learned how to sell person-to-person. Learn to sell.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez