Push Button Traffic Review

Tonight, I’m going to review Push Button Traffic – WordPress plugin that promises to solve the traffic problem of internet marketers.

Name: Push Button Traffic
Website: http://pushbuttontraffic.org/l…
Price: $26.97 (Pro Version as of the time of this writing)
Owner: Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Push Button Traffic – An Introduction

Are you still struggling to get traffic and sales online or have invested hundreds of dollars to get high quality traffic? Push Button Traffic promises to give you real solution to your traffic problem.

The Sales Page states that you will get all the traffic you need for free!

This WordPress plugin generates you more leads, sales and 100% free traffic, or so they claim. Let’s examine all of that here.

Traffic – The Constant Challenge Of Internet Marketers

Most of you struggle to make money online and manually to get traffic is a cumbersome task as:-

– You have to spend hours researching to find more long tail keywords.

– You have to create content.

– You need to post all pages of content over time, optimize them and get them

– And lastly, you need back links to get traffic.

So, this can easily take your countless hours of work each time!

Push Button Traffic claims that it will help you get unlimited traffic with just a few clicks without any hard work.

Wow! What a claim!

There’s just 3 simple steps to get unlimited free traffic with the Push Button Traffic:

Step 1:- Enter a keyword (any keyword you want).

Step 2:- The Push Button Traffic App will find multiple long tail keywords related to the keyword you choose, create content pages around each keyword, then schedule posts to your website (All Done For You!)

Step 3:- The Software will then automatically create backlinks for you so that your pages get traffic, you make sales and profits! (ALL DONE FOR YOU!)

Watch this short video:

And thus you get unlimited free traffic with these 3 simple easy steps, or so they claim.

Push Button Traffic – The Good and the Bad


– 100% newbie friendly and easy to install.

– You just enter any keyword

– You don’t need any content creation or any kind of requirement.

– Simply click a mouse and it gets you thousands of free visitors. (I’ll tackle this claim later)

– You don’t need any complicated SEO, Backlinking and posting content. (Another claim that I’ll examine later)


– If you are dreaming that you will have thousands of traffic coming to your website by using this plugin, then you are just dreaming. In reality, this plugin will not work.

How Google Works

Recently Google updated their algorithm about copyright.


Because Google wants to make sure that what appears in their search engine are only those websites with a unique and fresh content.

What Push Button Traffic does is steal from different platform old posts which the plugin will then post to your website.


Google will easily see the content in your site is a duplicate one. Your particular post will not appear in the search engine and worse Google can even directly ban your website.

My Final Opinion of Push Button Traffic

Push Button Traffic will not solve your traffic problem. Don’t waste your money with this kind of product.

If you want to have a consistent traffic coming to your website, you must regularly build a fresh and unique content. Not just any content but content that is targeted to your particular niche.

After building your content, you must have a systematic way of driving traffic to your website, both actively and passively. How?

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Push Button Traffic At A Glance…

Name: Push Button Traffic
Website: http://pushbuttontraffic.org/l…
Price: $26.97 (Pro Version as of the time of this writing)
Owner: Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Scam

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ClickIntensity Review

Tonight, I’m going to review ClickIntensity program.

Name: ClickIntensity
Website: http://clickintensity.com
Price: Free To Sign up,
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100

ClickIntensity – Overview

Is ClickIntensity a scam? Or is it a legitimate business? In this ClickIntensity Review, I will answer that and guide you to make a wise decision about this very popular program. Ok, what is ClickIntensity?

ClickIntensity is a revenue share (Revshare) program. Basically it sells ad packs starting as low as $25 and promises to give you a return of $30. They can do this as they claim by sharing to you the profit generated by their ad packs.

The premise of the ClickIntensity is that everybody needs some form of advertising for their products and services. Advertisement leads to traffic to one’s website.

Unlike other revshare programs, ClickIntensity is a combination of Revshare, MLM or networking, PTC, and affiliate program.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • $25 worth of ad packs will turn $30 eventually as they claim.
  • There are some very basic training inside on how to market online
  • You earn 10% from the ads packs purchased by your personally sponsored members.
  • Your earn from your team down to the 7th level.
  • You earn also from the back end sales for the purchases of advertising product in the form of gold coins. This can be exchange for cash.

The Bad:

  • Nobody can tell, even the owners, as to when you get paid for that $30 return. I’ll explain why later.
  • The basic training guide is very poorly made. No editing to eliminate any background noise has been done. Add to the fact that you get only so little value from the so-called training inside. Why? What you will learn is plain common sense.

The bottom line of what ClickIntensity is, is that it’s a plain pyramid or ponzi scheme. Actually the old members are being paid from the money invested in by the new members. That’s why, even the owners cannot guarantee to you as to when you will get your $30 from your investment of $25. Why? Because nobody knows if the new members coming in will be enough for the company to pay the old members, and worse as to when that will happen.

How about the ad packs being bought by the members? Are they worth it?

Short answer, it’s pretty useless. Why?

Because the audience is not targeted enough for what you are advertising to them. Everybody clicks on the ads by other members but they are not interested on what they are clicking or what is being displayed to them.

All they want is to click so as to gain credits or finish the task assign to them by ClickIntensity.

To top it all, every member is interested in his/her website or whatever he/she is promoting. Plain and simple. That’s why, when they click on the ads by other ClickIntensity members, what appears to them is pretty useless as far as they are concern.

More Warning Red Flags

Nick Johnson’s Facebook profile seems to be pretty new when ClickIntensity was launched. His profile image was obviously just a photoshopped work and cropped very poorly. Wow, isn’t he one of the co-owners of ClickIntensity?

So in all probability, this Nick Johnson may not exist at all and most probably just a fake person.

Let’s see the composition of the Facebook group of ClickIntensity during its pre-launch.

Surprise, suprise. 31.5% were coming from India. I don’t know about you but this raises a red flag. Need I say more?

My Final Opinion of ClickIntensity

If you want quality and highly targeted traffic to your website, ClickIntensity is not the answer. You must look elsewhere instead of buying so-called ad packs from this company.

Morever, if you want to earn a regular and consistent income, avoid at all cost this ClickIntensity. Click Intensity is just a ponzi or pyramid scheme that is bound to collapse sooner or later.

ClickIntensity at a Glance…

Name: ClickIntensity
Website: http://clickintensity.com
Price: Starting at $25
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100


My Recommendation and Alternative

Building a solid online business requires time and effort. But anyone can do it. Why? Because everyone of us is already an expert in something.

We have our own hobbies, interests, or passions which we can monetize and build an online business around it.

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Richmond Berks Review

Tonight I’m going to review Richmond Berks company.

Name: Richmond Berks
Website: https://richmondberks.com/
Price: FREE to join or invest any money you want
Owners: John Richmond and Klint Berks
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Richmond Berks – Overview

Is Richmond Berks a scam or legitimate business? Is the business model for long term or not?

A couple of my friends asked me via Facebook private message about Richmond Berks program several weeks ago. Two of my friends also invited me to join this program and added me to their facebook group chat.

I did join the program out of curiosity. So here’s my personal take regarding the Richmond Berks. I did my due diligence. Be sure to read the entire review and share this article to your friends. I’m sure they will like your concern when you do that.

If you go the main page of Richmond Berks, you will soon be greeted by the promise of money: “Get 1.4% from your deposit daily. For life”.

Wow, that’s nice. A little computation will show that in matter of 72 days, a person is already break even, and after that it’s pure profit. For life. Who wouldn’t like that, right? Okay let’s get go ahead to do some diggings about Richmond Berks.

Richmond Berks – History

2008 – 2 businessmen, John Richmond and Klint Berks, from Colorado, U.S. started to work in a real estate.

2009 – They hired their 1st specialists as their staff

2011 – They earned their 1st million dollars net profit

2016 – They created their 1st company named Richmond Berkz to avoid the conflict of interest with their former companies.

That’s how the company was formed according to their website.

Richmond Berks – Compensation

Basically you invest your money with Richmond Berks starting as low as $10. You earn 1.4% daily profit from your investment.

Richmond Berks is a real estate company, or so they say. They auction real estate properties, and they get profit from the sales.

From these profits, they are able to pay their members that 1.4% daily profit.

You can withdraw your investments anytime you want but RB keeps 50% of any withdrawal you make.

As affiliate you also earn the following commissions:

Level 1 – You earn 10% from the investments of your personally sponsored members

Level 2 – You earn 5% from the investments of the personal recruits of your 1st level

Richmond Berks – Cost to join

It’s FREE! But you will earn only when you started to invest for as low as $10.

Richmond Berks – My Verdict

Well we go to the interesting part.

First off, the biographies of the two founders cannot be found in their website.

I searched the internet and they are also not appearing. Too bad.

They mentioned in their website several employees and they seems to be fake persons too.

They guaranteed to give you 1.4% daily profit no matter what the results of their auction. Wow, can you imagine that? So generous of them.

So even if they lost in an auction, they can still give you that 1.4% daily profit! Come on, how will they do that if they are losing?

Their promises seem to be a way to attract more people to invest to them. That’s the only logical conclusion I can make.

They also claimed that their affiliates are insured in their investments that’s why they can pay, but they didn’t tell you who are the insurer. How can they do that? Professionally I work in an insurance company so I know how this goes.

There are several video testimonies in their website. It’s so striking to note that a certain Joshua Moody, Belgium in the video has a several comments from people branding him as a scammer. Wow 🙂

RB Testimonials

So how come that currently it seems that they can pay that 1.4% daily profit?

Simple. It’s only a ponzi scheme. The profit that they pay you comes from the new members that come after you.

Those new members wait their turn to get paid and the payment will come from the members who will join after them…

… and so on and so forth.

Eventually, the whole structure will collapse.


It’s because there are only finite number of people that will join.

Pretty soon the new members coming in will not be enough to pay those old members before them because of the sheer volume.

That’s why Ponzi scheme are illegal. There are really no products or services being given by the company in exchange from the money you invested in.

The whole Ponzi scheme is sure to collapse. It’s just a matter of time.

And guess what? They will come by many names and disguises. This Richmond Berks are coming from a so-called real estate business operation.

Richmond Berks at a Glance…

Name: Richmond Berks
Website: https://richmondberks.com/
Price: FREE to join or invest any money you want
Owners: John Richmond and
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


My Recommendation

If you really want to make money online, you must build a solid and stable business. You can do it out of your hobbies, interests, or passions, and at the comfort of your home. I highly encourage you to check out my #1 Recommended Program. Click Here.