ClickIntensity Review

Tonight, I’m going to review ClickIntensity program.

Name: ClickIntensity
Price: Free To Sign up,
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100

ClickIntensity – Overview

Is ClickIntensity a scam? Or is it a legitimate business? In this ClickIntensity Review, I will answer that and guide you to make a wise decision about this very popular program. Ok, what is ClickIntensity?

ClickIntensity is a revenue share (Revshare) program. Basically it sells ad packs starting as low as $25 and promises to give you a return of $30. They can do this as they claim by sharing to you the profit generated by their ad packs.

The premise of the ClickIntensity is that everybody needs some form of advertising for their products and services. Advertisement leads to traffic to one’s website.

Unlike other revshare programs, ClickIntensity is a combination of Revshare, MLM or networking, PTC, and affiliate program.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • $25 worth of ad packs will turn $30 eventually as they claim.
  • There are some very basic training inside on how to market online
  • You earn 10% from the ads packs purchased by your personally sponsored members.
  • Your earn from your team down to the 7th level.
  • You earn also from the back end sales for the purchases of advertising product in the form of gold coins. This can be exchange for cash.

The Bad:

  • Nobody can tell, even the owners, as to when you get paid for that $30 return. I’ll explain why later.
  • The basic training guide is very poorly made. No editing to eliminate any background noise has been done. Add to the fact that you get only so little value from the so-called training inside. Why? What you will learn is plain common sense.

The bottom line of what ClickIntensity is, is that it’s a plain pyramid or ponzi scheme. Actually the old members are being paid from the money invested in by the new members. That’s why, even the owners cannot guarantee to you as to when you will get your $30 from your investment of $25. Why? Because nobody knows if the new members coming in will be enough for the company to pay the old members, and worse as to when that will happen.

How about the ad packs being bought by the members? Are they worth it?

Short answer, it’s pretty useless. Why?

Because the audience is not targeted enough for what you are advertising to them. Everybody clicks on the ads by other members but they are not interested on what they are clicking or what is being displayed to them.

All they want is to click so as to gain credits or finish the task assign to them by ClickIntensity.

To top it all, every member is interested in his/her website or whatever he/she is promoting. Plain and simple. That’s why, when they click on the ads by other ClickIntensity members, what appears to them is pretty useless as far as they are concern.

More Warning Red Flags

Nick Johnson’s Facebook profile seems to be pretty new when ClickIntensity was launched. His profile image was obviously just a photoshopped work and cropped very poorly. Wow, isn’t he one of the co-owners of ClickIntensity?

So in all probability, this Nick Johnson may not exist at all and most probably just a fake person.

Let’s see the composition of the Facebook group of ClickIntensity during its pre-launch.

Surprise, suprise. 31.5% were coming from India. I don’t know about you but this raises a red flag. Need I say more?

My Final Opinion of ClickIntensity

If you want quality and highly targeted traffic to your website, ClickIntensity is not the answer. You must look elsewhere instead of buying so-called ad packs from this company.

Morever, if you want to earn a regular and consistent income, avoid at all cost this ClickIntensity. Click Intensity is just a ponzi or pyramid scheme that is bound to collapse sooner or later.

ClickIntensity at a Glance…

Name: ClickIntensity
Price: Starting at $25
Owners: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100


My Recommendation and Alternative

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We have our own hobbies, interests, or passions which we can monetize and build an online business around it.

Does it sound exciting? You bet it is.

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