Tonight I’m going to review the ExpressPay Franchise Business

Name: ExpressPay Franchise Business
Price: P154,000 – Package A – 3 years contract (see other option below)
Owner: Touch Group of Companies
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100


Is ExpressPay a scam?

Is ExpressPay too good to be true?

Is ExpressPay a legitimate business?

Today I will answer the 3 questions above and a lot more. This is my unique take being one of the franchise owners of this business.

Ok, let’s begin.

ExpressPay is a leading payment center in the Philippines. It’s a multi awarded payment service business.

As of this writing, it offers the following revenue streams:

  • Domestic and International Remittances

Remittances can be in for of Smart Padala Money Transfer, Door-to-door Cash Delivery, Credit-to-Bank Money Transfer, MLhuieller Kwarta Padala, Transfast and ExpressPay Branch to ExpressPay Branch Money Transfer.

  • Bills Payment

Bills payment can be in the form of Utilities (Electric, Water, etc), Cable and Internet, Loan Payments, Telecoms, Credit Cards, Charitable Instutions, Social Security System, Life Insurance, Schools and Universities, and Others.

  • Prepaid Loads

Globe, SMART, Sun, Gaming Cards, etc.

  • Travel and Tours Ticketing

It has a full-blown travel agency agency. It can offer both domestic and international ticketing services.

  • Courier Service

ExpressPay is in partnership with Air21 to give your branch to offer a courier service anywhere in the Philippines for your customers.

  • XP Marketplace Online Distribution

It’s like an online portal similar to Amazon, eBay, Lazada, etc. where you customer can place an order of the products they want to order from your branch.

  • Personal Loans

Currently ExpressPay is in partnership with a leading bank to give your branch the ability of offer personal loans.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

To give the customers enough protection, ExpressPay offers an affordable Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Postpaid Subscriptions: PLDT Home, Globe, etc.

ExpressPay is currently in tie-up with the leading Telecoms companies. Our customers can apply directly to us and our telecoms partner will process the service for them.

With all the above revenue streams, your income potential is virtually unlimited. You can focus in any revenue stream of your choice, or you can take them all. It’s all up to you.

How You Can Be Successful In ExpressPay

As a franchisee of ExpressPay, you will have access to the following:

  • A Marketing System
  • An Operations and Transactions Systems
  • A Customer Service System

I call this 3 systems, The Trinity of Success. They will really give you the best opportunity to be successful in running this business.

Click here to contact me so I can show you how these 3 systems work.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • All-in-one revenue income streams
  • Integrated Online e-Payment System
  • Single Load Wallet
  • Very Low Start Up Cost
  • Exclusive Franchise Territory
  • Growing Service Portfolio

The Bad:

  • Location is the key to success
  • Initial hassle in registering your business with various government agencies
  • Manpower requirement

Who is ExpressPay For?

If you are a business-oriented person, then ExpressPay is for you. The system is all set up and ready to go. It’s very easy to operate.

Tools & Training

Once you signed up and have a complete requirements, you and your staff will undergo an intensive 3 days FREE Training.

This training is your key to be successful in this business.

You will also be given several Marketing Collaterals to jump start the public’s awareness of your branch.


Helpdesk and Technical Support are available during office hours that you operate your business.


  • P154,000 – 3 Years Contract (Renewable)
  • P210,000 – 5 Years Contract (Renewable)
  • P308,000 – Lifetime Contract (No need to renew)

My Final Opinion of ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity

This is a business that you should look into. It’s very easy to set up, profitable, and low risk.

Consider the revenue streams discussed above and you’ll realize that what the business offer to the customer is a necessity.

ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity at a Glance…

Owner: Touch Group Of Companies
Price: P140,000 – 3 Years Contract (Renewable) – See other options above
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100


Your friend,


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4 Responses to “ExpressPay Franchise Opportunity Review”

  1. chester

    Hi, I just read your review of Expresspay. I am interested to get one. But I want to know if after payment and training, how long before you can actually start to operate?

    Do they have good after-sales support?

    Thank you.


    • Rupert

      Hi Chester,

      As long as you fulfill all the requirements like Certificate of Registration, Mayor’s and Business Permit, Barangay Clearance, etc., then you can start to operate after paying the franchise fee and undergoing the 3-day training.

      The After-Sales Support is open from 8:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday). You can reach them via email, ticket support, or even calling or texting them.

      All the best,


      P.S. You may want to contact me so I can further guide you. Just click the “Contact Us” button.

  2. Marilyn Grace M. Portado

    I am enterested…..but may I know if for example I want my Daughter a turning 21 years old will qualify to register the Franchize…..? I will finance only…but I want it under her name….would it be possible?

    Many thanks

    • Rupert

      Yes, she’s very much qualified. Actually she’ll be trained for 3 days by Head Office once you signed up as a franchisee. You can even schedule with the Head Office to have someone from their team to support you in person in your first day of operation. Great, isn’t it?

      Ms. Marilyn, if you are interested, please click to contact us so we can assist you.

      All the best,



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