Facebook Sharer Pro Review

Today, I’m going to review Facebook Sharer Pro.

Name: Facebook Sharer PRO

Website: Click here
Price: $49.00 one-time fee (see other price options below)
Owner: Alex Granner
Overall Rank: 91 out of 100


Every internet marketer knows that Facebook is a good place to market one’s products or services.


Because by using it, one can target your particular audience that’s more or less will be interested in what you have to offer. The key to success in online marketing is to target your audience.

There are 2 ways you can do:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Posting to different groups, pages, or even to your profile Facebook wall

In this review, I’ll be focusing on the latter and why using this Facebook Sharer Pro can be your inexpensive tool to success. Let me tell my experience in using this product.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Publish updates, links to your offers, photos or videos on your Facebook profile wall
  • Ability to post fan page name in your fan page newsfeed
  • Schedule your posts in an open, closed, or private groups. Videos, links, animated GIFs, and text are acceptable as your post
  • No limitations on the number of groups you can post to
  • Automatically bump your last post in any group so it can appear at the top
  • Automatically comment other user’s posts on fan pages and in groups you are member of
  • Post your ads using different Facebook accounts
  • Ability to post instantly instead of scheduling your post
  • Ability to post real sized images
  • With the SPINTAX feature, the script can spin your ads while running. Each posted ad will be different
  • Facebook Sharer runs in background on auto-pilot and it is totally anonymous. Even when your computer is off
  • No limitations: you can use UNLIMITED Facebook accounts, message lists, resources and scheduled campaigns
  • Ability to add pause interval between posting. Together with SPINTAX feature, this ensure that your Facebook account will not experience Facebook Jail
FBS Banner

The Bad:

  • It’s easy to violate the rules or regulations of any group by using this script. The user must carefully choose which groups to post to automatically and follow their rules and guidelines.
  • Your friend will probably think you are online 24/7 because they will read their newsfeed and see you posting non stop.

Who is Facebook Sharer PRO for?

This product is for anyone who wants to automate their Facebook marketing. It’s ideal for affiliate marketers, networkers, business owners, or anyone who wants to simplify and organize their marketing effort.

Tools & Training

Text and video tutorials are well organized. They are very easy to follow to set up the script to get you started.


There’s a comprehensive HELP and FAQ Section available. For the real lazy person, one can even email the owner for an answer.


  • $49 one time fee if you have your own website. You will be given the script and instructions on how to install it
  • $20 Additional fee if you want them to install the script to your website. You do not need to pay this if you can follow the simple installation instructions
  • $49 one time fee plus $20 per year hosting fee if you want a self hosted solution. This if you do not have your own website so you will ask them to install the script on their own server.

My Final Opinion of Facebook Sharer PRO

I recommend this product for those want to increase their sales using Facebook Marketing. I have been using this product since February 2014. It’s a great tool that can simplify your marketing effort.

Facebook Sharer PRO at a Glance…

Website: click here
Owner: Alex Granner
Price: $49 one-time fee (see other price options above)
Overall Scam Rank: 91 out of 100


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