Do you want to grow your income this year 2017 and even beyond?

Do you want to experience this year as your milestone year?

You see, God wants to bless you. Really, trust me. He loves us so much as His children.

But His blessings will not come unless you open your life to His blessings.

In this article, I want to share to you five simple strategies that will open to your life to financial blessings of God! I want your undivided attention because what I’m to share to you will surely impact your life.

Ok, are you ready?

Let’s begin.

Here are the 5 Simple Strategies To Grow Your Income In 2017 and beyond:

  • You’ve Got To Believe

All success begins with your mind and your heart. Unless you believe, you will find yourself struggling all your life.


Because, your belief is like releasing a break that will speed up your success. It will drive you to recognize those things that will make you truly rich.

Nothing will ever happen to your life unless you believe.

My friend, it’s not all about action. You’ve got to believe first.

Of course, you have to have the right beliefs:

Right Belief In Yourself.

Right Belief in God.

These 2 are inseparable. They are like twins, or two sides of the same kind.

Right Belief In Yourself’

Your words will always be a self-fulling prophecy.

Why? It’s because words are so powerful.

Without you knowing it, the words that you speak to yourself influences your life for the better or for worse.

Examine yourself: what did you tell to yourself first time you wake up in the morning?

Are they positive words? Words that fire you up, motivate you, make you feel good inside?

Or words that make you feel defeated even before you step out of the bed?

My friend, you owe it to yourself to believe in yourself.

And since the focus of this article is about you becoming wealthy, let me say this:

You’ve got to believe that you going to be rich.

No ifs, no buts.

Just believe it with all your heart. Program yourself to think and grow rich.

One easy way is every morning when you wake up, declare positive words to start your day.

Here’s some words that you can use. You may try a variation of the following:

I am rich…

God blesses me, financially, spiritually…

God loves me…

I am a wonderful person…

I am wonderful… I am a child of God, I am an amazing person.

Right Belief In God

Many times our belief in God influences our belief in ourselves.

It’s therefore a wise endeavor if you can try to analyze your present belief.

Do you believe that it’s the will of God for you to be rich?

Or do you believe that it’s okay to be poor because “it’s difficult to enter heaven if you are a rich person”?

Let me tell you this:

God has given you the ability to produce wealth!

You got to believe that God wants to bless you abundantly…

He doesn’t want you to suffer and be poor…

But God doesn’t intend that you be rich for yourself.

He wants to bless you so you can be an instrument of His blessings…

And once you become rich, always try to detach yourself from your wealth. Once you do that, it will be a lot easier to use your wealth to bless others, isn’t it?

Lastly, always stoop down before God. Be humble while being rich.

How about that of “carrying our cross”? Isn’t it a command for us to live in poverty and suffering?

No, not at all!

Carrying your cross is the suffering that you experience because you love…

It’s not suffering for suffering’s sake…

For example, if you are married, you serve your partner no matter if you are tired.

If you have a son or daughter, you still attend to their needs when they approach you even if  you want to get some rest because of a hard day’s work.

Do you suffer when do those things? Of course. But you do it because you love. You carry your cross for the beloved.

Do you get the idea?

Clear your negative idea and belief about God so you will experience His blessings flow into your life. It’s that simple.

  • You’ve Got To Serve

If you will read the biography of all successful and wealthy people, you will find out that their lives were full of service to others.

Surprisingly, they did it, not for money.

They went out of their comfort zone just to serve and volunteer.

The end results is that they developed skills and talents that they applied to business.

So ask yourself, when was the last time that you really serve others without expecting anything in return?

  • You’ve Got To Grow

Do you want to grow your income?


You’ve got to grow yourself.

Focus on what you are good at.

Focus on your strength and refine it.

Practice. Practice. Practice in honing your strength until you become a genius.

All the wealthy people in the world are not a jack of all trades, master of none.

On the contrary, most of them are good at only one or two things.

But these one or two things were enough to make them rich.


Because of the laser focused they devoted to being a master genius.

So my challenge is, find your one thing.

Focus on it. Soon you will find out that one thing will make you fortune. Guaranteed.

  • You’ve Got To Learn How To Duplicate

There two kinds of income in the world. Active income and Passive Income.

Active income is when you exchange time for money.

Passive income is when you exchange not time for money, but wisdom for money, or small money with bigger money.


Through technlogy. Through leveraging other people’s effort, through investing.

Passive income happens when you are earning even while you are sleeping.

It happens when you are taking a nice vacation and yet you are earning well.

Our aim should always be to develop a Passive income. Duplication is the name of the game.

For example, if you have small store that you and you alone are attending to, ask yourself how you can duplicate or scale your business.

Come to think of a way to duplicate your business.


Because nobody gets rich in just having an Active income.

Real wealth comes from having a Passive income. Plain and simple.

But I’m not saying that having an active income is bad.

No not at all.

We all have an active income.

But we must little by little, use our Active income to build a Passive income.

Which brings me to the last of the 5th strategy.

  • You’ve Got To Invest

Passive income comes from investing.

This is where you start to grow what you have.

And where should you invest?

Well you can start with the business ideas I share in this website. Pick one or two and concentrate on that.

When you are comfortable, add another one.

Since investing is more apparent in Stock investing. Let me focus on that in this article or you may read my full review regarding Truly Rich Club here.

The Many Benefits of Truly Rich Club

  • Investment – The Easy Way

There is this misconception that stock investing is hard to learn, and that you’ve got to have millions of pesos to start.

Well not anymore. Truly Rich Club will guide you step by step.

You will be taught how to open your broker’s account, how to fund it, and how to buy and sell stocks.

The guessing game is eliminated. You do stock investing the easy way. After all, it’s your wealth that you are building.

  • Insurance – FREE

As a member of Truly Rich Club, FREE coverage of P100,000 Personal Accident will be given you. You see, Truly Rich Club loves the members so much to protect and insure them.

That’s why I love this club so much.

  • Inspiration

A right mindset is a prerequisite to being truly rich. You really have to change your mindset from a poverty mindset to that of an abundant mindset.

To that end, Truly Rich Club will bombard you with countless media just to emphasize to you certain things.

It’s like you are programming your mind and heart to recognize the many blessings of God. It’s so priceless.

  • Income

As an icing in the cake, Truly Rich Club members can have a passive income by referring others to the club.

This is called affiliate marketing.

A whooping 20% is given to the members when someone joins the club. And it’s not one time but as long as the referrals have an active membership in the club.

Is that good or very good? 🙂

Well, that’s it. I hope you learn something from this article. If you want a more detailed review about Truly Rich Club, click here.

If you find this to be useful and if you have a friend or relative who is an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), I invite you to share this to them.

It’s my goal really to help them realize that they can build their wealth while working abroad so they can come home very rich and fulfilled for their loved ones.

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Hi guys, Rupert here. a professional I.T. developer, entrepreneur, stock investor, internet marketer, ex-OFW, and blogger. Walk with me as I share with you how simple it is to make money online.

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