Hits Monkey Review

Tonight, I’m going to review Hits Monkey advertising program.

Name: Hits Monkey advertising program
Website: Click Here
Price: FREE, Pro Upgrade $25, Full Upgrade $30. Click Here To Sign Up
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Hits Monkey advertising program – Overview

Before using Hits Monkey, I was not impressed. I thought it’s just a new traffic program out there. But when I analyzed the program deeper, I was amazed as to its potential. It’s so powerful, yet so simple. In this Hits Monkey review, I will share with you why and how I came to that conclusion.

Hits Monkey offer a solution to the problem of generating a traffic to any website. Of course we all know that without traffic, a website is basically dead. It’s the lifeblood of any online business.

Comes Hits Monkey to the rescue.

Hits Monkey is an advertising program that offers its members FREE Hits to any website. It utilizes the power of leveraging. Since it’s FREE to sign up, I’m pretty sure that thousands upon thousands of people will sign up with Hits Monkey.

Not only that. With Hits Monkey, you can also build your email lists, and at the same time earn some nice income from the multiple income streams embedded with the system if you want to. I will discuss these 2 exciting features later.

  • FREE Hits or Traffic To Any Website

Let me discuss first how the system will give you FREE Hits or Traffics to your website. Hits Monkey adopts the platform of Viral Marketing.

Upon signing up, you have to enroll your website that you want to receive FREE traffic. You will also be given your own Hits Monkey unique link.

Your Hits Monkey link is tied up with the website that you want to promote. You can change your website anytime you want to by the way.

Now let’s see the viral component of your Hits Monkey link and how it will give you thousands of hits to your website.

Basically you have to promote your Hits Monkey link. Since this is a FREE program, I’m pretty sure that people will sign up under you.

Let’s assume that only 10 people will sign up through your link. You don’t need to stop at 10 people by the way. I only use this number to simplify things.

So that 10 people will have visited your website, right? You now have 10 unique hits to your website. Upon signing up, your website will move down to Level 2.

Let’s say that these 10 people will do also what you did and get their own 10 people.

So at 10 people each, you now have 100 people who will surely visit your website. That’s an easy 100 unique hits. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Your website then will move to Level 3, ready to receive the next hits.

These 100 people will presumably do what those people before them did. They will decide that they like to use this FREE Hits Monkey system and refer others too.

So what will happen then?

You guess it right, these 100 people will refer their own 10 people, thus creating  a total 1000 sign ups. Of course these 1000 sign ups are equivalent to 1000 hits to your website which is now in Level 3.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? You already receive your FREE 1000 Hits to your website! 1000 unique visitors exposed to what you have to offer in your website. Did you see the simple but very effective system of generating FREE traffic? It didn’t cost you anything to receive those thousand hits.

  • The 6-Figure Income Potential

Now the exciting part.

Hits Monkey has also an option for you to upgrade and earn a nice income from the system.

If at the start of signing up with Hits Monkey and before you promote your Hits Monkey link, you will earn from your Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6 referrals.

Let’s continue with our assumption.

At 10 sign ups down to Level 6 (i.e. 10 getting 10), your website will have an amazing million hits to your website.

Not only that. At level 4, if you are already upgraded to a pro member, you will be paid $10 for each person who upgraded from that level. It’s a whooping $100,000.

At level 5, each person who upgrade from that level, you will be paid $5 each or or total of $500,000. Wow, is that good or what?

I don’t know about you but I hope you see the potential.

Let’s continue with level 6. It’s now a mind boggling $2,000,000 (1,000,000 sign ups x $2 each)! Did you see that? Just imagine how this simple system can work wonders in your financial life!

Here’s the snapshot screenshot of the power of Hits Monkey.

Hits Monkey Hits

The figure above only assumes a 10 people getting 10 people down to Level 6.

  • List Building Feature

Experienced internet marketers will always emphasize to you that the money is in the list. Why? It’s because when you already build a comfortable trust with your list, the people in the list will surely become your loyal customers.

With Hits Monkey you can easily do that. All Pro Upgrade Members can build their list using a powerful autoresponder called TrafficWave.

Complete tutorials are within Hits Monkey that will teach you how to setup your own email campaign so you can automatically follow up to those who signed up under you.

  • Advertising Tools and Resources

In order for Hits Monkey members to be successful in promoting their Hits Monkey link, tons of advertising tools and resources are available inside the members area.

You will be given sample banners, text ads, email swipes, and proven advertising resources you can sign up too. I’m really amazed at what the members get.

I guess only the lazy will not be successful with the system.

Do you want to sign up now? Click the button below:

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The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Target Traffic
  • Get At Least 1000 FREE Hits To Any Website
  • Easy To Scale Up To Million Hits If You Want To
  • List Builder
  • Big Earning Potential
  • FREE To Join
  • Earning Is Received Instantly Through Bitcoins

The Bad:

  • No Community or Group Support For the Members
  • Support Is Only Via Email

Who is Hits Monkey For?

  • Do you have a website that you want to promote?
  • Do you want to build a nice income with so little investment?
  • Do you want to build your own list?
  • Do you want to learn how to use various advertising resources?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then Hits Monkey is for you.

Basically Hits Monkey is for anyone and everyone.

Hits Monkey Tools & Training

  • Complete And Easy To Do Tutorials To Set Up One’s Account
  • Easy To Follow Tutorials on How To Set Up Your Own TrafficWave Autoresponder
  • Easy To Follow Tutorials on How To Create and Fund Bitcoin Account
  • Tons of Advertising Resources You Can Instantly Use

Hits Monkey Support

The FAQ section is enough to answer the basic questions. Email support is provided for technical issues.

Hits Monkey Price

  • FREE Membership – A member can receive FREE Hits up to Level 3.
  • Pro Upgrade – One-time fee of $25 (payment through Bitcoins) – Hits are achieved up to Level 6. Plus the huge income potential from Level 4 to 6. See discussion in the overview.
  • FULL Pro Upgrade – Additional One-time fee of $5 (payment through Bitcoins) – All the income potential from Pro Upgrade are available plus the ability to rebrand all the affiliate links. This is the BEST OPTION. You will really experience the power of Hits Monkey at this package.

My Final Opinion of Hits Monkey

Hits Monkey really solves the traffic problem of every website owners. Not only that, the income potential and the list building feature of the program make this a winner.

Name: Hits Monkey advertising program
Website: Click Here To Sign Up
Price: FREE, Pro Upgrade $25, Full Upgrade $30
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


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Hits Monkey will really drive thousands of traffic to any website. But do not put to waste that traffic. You must also have an excellent program that you can drive traffic to using Hits Monkey. For me, I entered the website of my #1 Recommended Training Program to complete the whole picture.

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