LootClick [Review]

Tonight, I’m going to review LootClick.

Name of the Product: LootClick
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: FREE
Owner: Rick Katz
Website: Click Here


There’s only 1 problem that you must solve if you are marketing online. That’s to have traffic or visitors to your website.

The visitors must be a targeted visitors, i.e. meaning those looking for opportunities to make money online, or those interested in what you have to offer.

Anyone can do it but it requires time and commitment to have one’s website get ranked in Search Engines especially Google so your target visitors will find your website.

My #1 Recommended Training Program has a training course especially for that purpose.

But how about if one wishes to have a quick solution to traffic problem?

LookClick is the answer.

LootClick is a Traffic Exchange Program with a lot of twists. It was established by Rick Katz, an experienced and highly successful internet marketer.

It works this way:

Everyday you will receive no more than 5 emails from the fellow members of LootClick.

You have to read and click on the link provided by the email. You will be taken to a member’s website. You have to wait for at least 15 seconds before you close the website.

Once the 15 seconds are over, you earn 20 credits.

What to do with these credits?

This is where LootClick becomes exciting. There are several things you can do with the earned credits. You can buy:

  • Banner impressions – the banner of your website will be displayed in LootClick for all the members to see.
  • Text impressions – the wordings or texts of your choice will be displayed in LootClick website.
  • Rotators – your website will receive a number of unique clicks or real visitors instead of just impressions.
  • Solo Ads Rotator- your website and ads will be delivered in LootClick members email. This is my favorite because those active members will have to click or visit my website for them to earn credits.
  • Lootery Ticket – you can buy a ticket where the prize can be real cash or even more credits.


The Good – Some awesome benefits

  • Earning credits take only small time – you just spend 15 seconds in a member’s website to get 20 credits.
  • Unlike other traffic exchanges, there are many ways to use the earned credits.
  • You can refer others to join LootClick so you earn thousands of credits.
  • Best of all, it’s FREE

The Bad – Yes, nobody’s perfect.

  • You must really work to capture the attention of the members when your website is exposed so they can answer or take action with your offer or ads.
  • The members may not be interested in what you have to offer. They may just be in LootClick to promote their own website. So your website should answer their needs. What can you offer them so they too can be successful in promoting their own products or services?


LootClick is for anyone who wants to have a quick fix to their website problem of getting traffic. It’s fast and reliable.


Support is available via their Contact Form inside the Members Area. The program though works like charm. In my 3 years of using it, I never had any problem or issue.


FREE! Keep your credit card with you 🙂


This program is a no brainer. Every online marketer, business owner, affiliate marketer, etc. should be a member.

This is one of the easiest and fastest way to gain traffic and exposure to one’s website.

Verdict: Legitimate and Recommended.

Click Here To Get Started.

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Drop me a comment below should you have some questions. You can also contact me privately by clicking here. I’m here to see you succeed too and make money online.

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