Push Button Traffic Review

Tonight, I’m going to review Push Button Traffic – WordPress plugin that promises to solve the traffic problem of internet marketers.

Name: Push Button Traffic
Website: http://pushbuttontraffic.org/l…
Price: $26.97 (Pro Version as of the time of this writing)
Owner: Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Push Button Traffic – An Introduction

Are you still struggling to get traffic and sales online or have invested hundreds of dollars to get high quality traffic? Push Button Traffic promises to give you real solution to your traffic problem.

The Sales Page states that you will get all the traffic you need for free!

This WordPress plugin generates you more leads, sales and 100% free traffic, or so they claim. Let’s examine all of that here.

Traffic – The Constant Challenge Of Internet Marketers

Most of you struggle to make money online and manually to get traffic is a cumbersome task as:-

– You have to spend hours researching to find more long tail keywords.

– You have to create content.

– You need to post all pages of content over time, optimize them and get them

– And lastly, you need back links to get traffic.

So, this can easily take your countless hours of work each time!

Push Button Traffic claims that it will help you get unlimited traffic with just a few clicks without any hard work.

Wow! What a claim!

There’s just 3 simple steps to get unlimited free traffic with the Push Button Traffic:

Step 1:- Enter a keyword (any keyword you want).

Step 2:- The Push Button Traffic App will find multiple long tail keywords related to the keyword you choose, create content pages around each keyword, then schedule posts to your website (All Done For You!)

Step 3:- The Software will then automatically create backlinks for you so that your pages get traffic, you make sales and profits! (ALL DONE FOR YOU!)

Watch this short video:

And thus you get unlimited free traffic with these 3 simple easy steps, or so they claim.

Push Button Traffic – The Good and the Bad


– 100% newbie friendly and easy to install.

– You just enter any keyword

– You don’t need any content creation or any kind of requirement.

– Simply click a mouse and it gets you thousands of free visitors. (I’ll tackle this claim later)

– You don’t need any complicated SEO, Backlinking and posting content. (Another claim that I’ll examine later)


– If you are dreaming that you will have thousands of traffic coming to your website by using this plugin, then you are just dreaming. In reality, this plugin will not work.

How Google Works

Recently Google updated their algorithm about copyright.


Because Google wants to make sure that what appears in their search engine are only those websites with a unique and fresh content.

What Push Button Traffic does is steal from different platform old posts which the plugin will then post to your website.


Google will easily see the content in your site is a duplicate one. Your particular post will not appear in the search engine and worse Google can even directly ban your website.

My Final Opinion of Push Button Traffic

Push Button Traffic will not solve your traffic problem. Don’t waste your money with this kind of product.

If you want to have a consistent traffic coming to your website, you must regularly build a fresh and unique content. Not just any content but content that is targeted to your particular niche.

After building your content, you must have a systematic way of driving traffic to your website, both actively and passively. How?

Well check out my #1 Recommended Program here. You will learn all those things plus you will be guided to build your very own online business.

Push Button Traffic At A Glance…

Name: Push Button Traffic
Website: http://pushbuttontraffic.org/l…
Price: $26.97 (Pro Version as of the time of this writing)
Owner: Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Scam

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