Recently I meet one of my former friends in High School in Facebook.

He happened to bump into one of my Facebook fan pages and noticed that I have been advocating investing into the Philippine Stock Market.

He sent me a private message asking me if it’s good to invest in the Philippines or in the U.S.

I learned that he now lives in the U.S. and is carefully eyeing to try the stock market there.

By reading several of my posts, he already has some knowledge of the Strategic Averaging Method (or SAM, a variant and improved version of Dollar or Peso Cost Averaging) of TrulyRichClub and he wants to know if it can be applied in the U.S. Stock Market. (Unlike the ordinary Cost Averaging Method, SAM has 2 unique features: Buy Below Price and Target Price. You buy if the stock price is still below the “Buy Below Price”, and sell only when the stock price reaches the “Target Price. Click here for a more detailed explanation of SAM).

I told him the truth that “Dollar Cost Averaging Method” is best applied in the Philippine Stock Market. Why? Because unlike U.S., the Philippines has a growing young population.

Statistics show that in America and Canada the population’s average age is 38 and 41 years old respectively. That’s not a very young workforce that’s fueling the economy. Their economy only continues to grow because of constant influx of migrants. As long as the trend of the migrants coming in, one can safely invest there using the “Dollar Cost Averaging Method”. A rough estimate of 9% interest per year growth of your investment is achievable.

When you compare that to the Philippine Stock Market, our workforce’s average age is 24 years old. That’s a huge and young labor force entering the economy. More labor force means more consumers fueling the economy which means more growth potential for the economy. Long term, it’s safe to conclude an upward trend for the stock market on the average. Using the Peso Cost Averaging Method, experts says the 12% interest per year growth of one’s investment is easily achievable.

The good news is by using TrulyRichClub’s Strategic Averaging Method instead of the regular Peso Cost Averaging Method, the 12% interest per year grown is easily beatable. In fact last year’s growth of TrulyRichClub’s members investment is around 17%.

Bottom line is, I suggested to my friend to invest instead into our very own Philippine Stock Market under the guidance of TrulyRichClub. It’s the best place to invest long term.

If you have some questions or concerns, drop me a comment below. I’ll be very happy to help you get started. Or if you want you can communicate with me privately using the form in the “Contact Us” page.

All the best,


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