Three Types Of Rich People*

Three Types of Rich People*

We define people either rich or poor. But it isn’t as simple as that. If you say, “He’s rich,” I’ll ask you, “What kind?”

You see, there are three types of rich people in the world today.

1. Filthy Rich

This is the greedy, selfish, and corrupt person.

Filthy Rich PersonThis is the main reason why people say, “Money does not buy happiness.” Because the filthy rich are miserable
people. They’re so absorbed by their wealth, they become like Gollum in the movie, The Lord of the Rings.
Remember him? The precious ring took over his life. He stopped eating. He stopped sleeping. And he became a
monster. The ring became so powerful, it controlled him. And he killed his friend just to possess it. But in reality, the ring
possessed him.

Some rich people act like Gollum. Their money eats them up.

Yes, You Can Be Happy Without Money, But…

Money doesn’t make you happy.

Recently, they asked 150,000 people from all over the world, “Are you happy?” The top 10 happiest countries in the world include Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad, Thailand, Guatemala, Philippines, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Every time they do these studies, the Philippines is always included in the top 10 happiest countries in the world. But always absent from that list are the wealthy nations like Japan, Canada, Australia, and America. And who ranked the unhappiest? Singapore — one of the most prosperous countries in Asia. In fact, very wealthy countries like Germany and France tied in 47th place together with poverty-stricken Somalia.

So yes, it’s true, money does not buy happiness.

But in saying that, people come up with a crazy conclusion: “Because money doesn’t buy happiness, don’t try to become rich, because it won’t make you happy.”

Huh? Does that have logic? Yes, it has. Terrible logic!

Because being filthy rich isn’t the only way to become rich. Let’s go to the second type of rich people in the world.

2. Guilty Rich

Let me tell you a story.

Guilty rich personOne day, a thirtyish woman walked up to me and asked if she could talk to me. When we were in a quiet corner, she said, “Bro. Bo, can you pray for me? I feel so unhappy. I know I’m supposed to be happy, but I’m not…”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

She said, “Well, for the first time in my life, I’m earning a lot of money. I got a new job last year and I got this huge raise. They tripled my salary, Bro. Bo. I couldn’t believe it. Plus they gave a big bonus upon entering the company. I’m supposed to be ecstatic. But why don’t I feel happy at all?”

I asked my usual “check-up” questions — whether there was anything wrong with her relationships, her marriage, her spiritual life, etc. But she told me that everything about her life was rosy. So it was
even more intriguing why she felt unhappy.

And then an idea came to my mind. I asked her, “Are you comfortable with earning a lot of money?”

That question hit the bullseye. This woman had a toxic relationship with money.I learned that when she was a child, her parents taught her to look at money as something bad. Even thinking of money was bad. Talking about money was
bad. And all rich people were bad people. They never talked about money except in a negative way. So etched deep in her subconscious, she believed that money was the devil itself.

So in her heart, she felt very guilty earning a lot of money.

She was more comfortable with poverty than prosperity. Because of her newfound wealth, she was living in foreign territory. And anything that was unfamiliar was frightening.

I actually had to pray for her deliverance, to drive out the wrong beliefs from her mind. I told her to read my books,
8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire, and How to Prosper, and immerse her mind in a new way of thinking, and hopefully become the third type of rich people.

3. Truly Rich

Truly Rich PeopleYes, I agree that money doesn’t buy happiness.

But here’s the thing:

Who said that God designed money to buy happiness?

God never designed money to buy happiness. God designed money to increase helpfulness.

Don’t make happiness your purpose in life. If you do, you’ll never be happy. This is the principle of obliquity. Instead
of pursuing happiness, pursue your purpose in life — helping others, serving others, caring for others, living for others
— and you’ll achieve happiness.

First, God gives you money to help your family.

Truly Rich People Help Their Family

The Bible says, “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8, NIV).

Sadly, statistics say that 70 percent of single-parent families are without a father. That means that many fathers
have abandoned their children.

Like my friend, a single mom with two kids. Three years ago, she called me up and said, “Freddie ran away with another girl.” For the past three years, Freddie has not sent a single peso to support his ex-wife and kids. I couldn’t believe it. But this scenario is very common.

There’s so much problems in this world: poverty, war, corruption. But I believe that the problem of this world is a fatherhood problem. The father isn’t taking spiritual and financial responsibility for his family.

When I talk to fathers, I tell them that the two critical roles of a father are: (1) to train his kids how to love God; and  (2) to train his kids how to earn money. Many fathers fail in both counts. That’s why rich families become poor, and poor families remain poor.

But helping your family isn’t enough.

That’s why you need to earn more. I believe God wants to bless you more so that you can help your bigger family.

Truly Rich People Help Their Bigger Family

After Cain killed Abel, God asked Cain where his brother was. And Cain said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

That penetrating question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is found in the first book of the Bible. And I believe that for
the rest of the Bible, God is answering that question with a resounding, loud, thundering, “yes!”

I have had the privilege to talk to Nanay Socorro Ramos, the owner of National Bookstore. As an 18-year-old girl,
she sold books in a tiny bookstore during the Japanese war. Today, National Bookstore is the largest bookstore chain in
the Philippines, with more than 150 branches all over the country.

While chatting together, Nanay Coring pulled me closer to herself and whispered, “Bro. Bo, I want to tell you something. Do you know that it will be better for me if I just invest all my money, earn from the interest, and just retire and live an easy life? If I do that, I won’t have to deal with the BIR, Customs, mall rentals, etc. But I can’t do that. Because there are 4,300-plus employees who depend on this business. Their families need this business. So here I am, over 90 years old, still going to work every day, Monday to Saturday!”

Why I’m Happier

Money does not make you happy. I realized that money can only make you happy if you were happy before you got the money.

Once upon a time, I was poor and happy. Today, I’m rich and happier. I’m happier not just because I can afford to
buy stuff. (OK, I must admit that’s a nice bonus.) I’m happier because I can help my bigger family.

When I was a poor missionary, I could only feed one family.

Every day, when I went to Mass, I remember passing by this poor family actually in the doorsteps of the church.
They were so poor, they had nothing to eat. Every so often, I’d dig from my pocket, go to the next-door bakery, and buy
them some bread. That was their breakfast.

But I couldn’t do it regularly. Because there were days when I really had nothing.

Today, I run a few businesses. And I have over 100 people working for me, either full-time or part-time.
When I was poor, I could feed one family. Now that I am no longer poor, I can feed more than 100 families.

Isn’t this a fantastic reason to be Truly Rich?

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the wealth. Goodness, it’s not even about you! It’s about God. It’s about
love. It’s about service. It’s about dying to yourself so that others may live.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


*Source: Wealth Strategies Newsletter of TrulyRichClub – Issue Number 224 – July 2017

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